DDoS protection Asia VPS: Singapore VPS

DDoS protection Asia VPS: Singapore VPS By shahbazahmed - February 28, 2021
DDoS protection Asia VP

DDoS protection Asia VP

Having servers located in Singapore, especially the affordable VPS servers, is a bonus for all kinds of professionals and businesses, including forex traders and small to large businesses and organizations. Singapore is one of the world’s most important hubs of business ( Asia VPS Hosting) , trade, communication and information. Being located in Asia, it has a great standing among East Asian business hubs such as Tokyo, Seoul, Hong Kong, Beijing, and Shanghai.

Virtual Private Server or VPS is a technology aimed at providing a more affordable and modular type of hosting and remote servers. Using various virtualization technologies, an expensive physical dedicated server is broken down and portioned into several smaller virtual machines, called Virtual Private Servers.

The advantage of VPS hosting is it being much cheaper than dedicated server. It makes sense for some purposes to break a function across several VPS machines around the world, rather than having just one server in one location running everything. There’s also shared hosting, but it’s not comparable to VPS in how much control you will have. On a VPS all resources are dedicated to each machine and there’s no processing competition, which makes its functioning much smoother and reliable.

The New Zealand-based company, RouterHosting, is an experienced and professional business specializing in providing various types of VPS services for different purposes. They offer VPS servers in many locations around the world. One of the main uses of a VPS today is Forex VPS, aimed towards helping professional individuals and small to medium trading firms conduct faster trading in convenient locations around the world. In Forex trading, having reliable, fast server close to your broker’s servers connected at very low latencies, is a must. RouterHosting offers several levels of Forex VPS hosting at suitable locations around the world including New York, London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, and Singapore, covering all major hubs of Forex trading.

Another common use of a VPS today, is remote desktops. There are many reasons and uses for having a remote machine located somewhere else in the world, and VPS is the best solution to have that. Many people and businesses rely on remote desktop servers and services for all kinds of purposes. They usually connect through RDP protocol to their remote desktop. RDP or Remote Desktop Protcol is a protocol created by Microsoft to control and connect to Windows machines remotely. Although, there are clients for RDP in other operating systems and there is also XRDP for linux systems. RouterHosting provides Windows, Linux, and BSD VPS servers with powerful hardware and reliably fast internet connectivity specializing as remote desktop servers.

Probably the most common use of VPS is to create and host websites using WordPress or other Content Management Systems. WordPress is the most popular of CMS software in the world, with a considerable portion of world’s website having WordPress at their core.

A WordPress VPS is a VPS specially configured to work well a WordPress hosting service. Having SSD storage, specially NVMe SSD helps a lot with the speed of the website and how many connections and users it can serve. Number of CPU cores, the amount of memory, and a fast connection are factors in a VPS that help a WordPress website run smoothly. Some users prefer Managed WordPress VPS services, however, RouterHosting offers bare WordPress VPS which gives you a lot more control over your hosting machine, files, configurations, and security. Providing root access, it allows you to connect directly to your WordPress VPS and manage and maintain your virtual server handily.

RouterHosting started providing Virtual Private Servers for rent in 2008. With 13 years of experience, they have figured out many different types of use-cases for a VPS and try to tailor their offers to the needs of users. With the rise of cyber-attacks, especially DDoS attacks that try to cripple a server or a website and keeping it from serving its purpose or its clients, RouterHosting started to offer a higher level of security on their VPS plans, especially the highly venerated DDoS Protection which blocks and prevents such attacks. On top of that, they offer a great Firewall for added security.

Many clients who rent a VPS for a purpose, such as Forex trading or WordPress hosting, do not have the budget for a full-time server admin, nor do they have the expertise themselves. Having that in mind, RouterHosting tries to offer great 24/7 Customer Care and Support to all their clients. Having over a decade of experience helps them do a great job at that.

Not all VPS providers, offer services in Asia, but RouterHosting does. There are many uses for a VPS server located in Asia, but the most notable is a Forex VPS. Asia is the first part of the world that wakes up each day to global trade markets, and plays and important part in forex trading. Therefore, RouterHosting offers Forex VPS (along other types of VPS) in Singapore, with very fast machines and guaranteed uptime, and with low latency to major Asian brokerages.

However, RouterHosting’s best feature is their pricing. Their different VPS plans with good specs are always among the cheapest (or are the cheapest) in the market. Fore example, they offer a 2 CPU 2 GB memory Windows VPS at only $4.50/month, with a free Windows (Windows 10 or any other version) for free. It’s an offer that is quite unique on the internet, and best suits Forex traders because most of the software they work with run on Windows. Their 7-day Money-Back Guarantee policy, which they offer on all their plans, leaves little room for doubt.


By shahbazahmed - February 28, 2021

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