Cyber-Security Educational Curriculum to be implemented in 170 Private Schools

Cyber-Security Educational Curriculum to be implemented in 170 Private Schools By Fathimath Nasli - January 04, 2024
Cyber-Security Curriculum to be implemented in 170 Private Schools

National Cyber Security Agency (NCSA)

In collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Higher Education (MOEHE), the National Cyber Security Agency (NCSA) has announced the initiation of cyber-security education in the curriculum of 170 private schools. 

The first phase will include these 170 schools, followed by a second phase that will encompass approximately 100 more private schools.This expansion of cyber-security education into private schools follows its successful implementation in all public schools in 2023. 

NCSA is committed to establishing a digitally secure society and continuously enhancing digital safety and security. 

The goal is to cultivate a generation proficient in addressing digital safety and security issues effectively, educating children and adolescents on the subject, and ensuring widespread awareness across all school grades.

Omar Abdulaziz Al Nama, Assistant Undersecretary for Private Education Affairs at MOEHE, emphasized that the cyber-security education project is a significant step toward enhancing student awareness of cyber-security and digital safety concepts, contributing directly to the development of Qatar's educational curricula.

Dalal Al Aqidi, Director of the National Cyber Excellence Department at NCSA, highlighted that strengthening cyber-security and digital safety indicators in Qatar is a key part of the agency's strategy.

The introduction of digital cyber-security education in school curricula aligns with NCSA's preventive approach to cyber-security.

NCSA, in partnership with MOEHE, is set to launch the "Cyber Eco" Cyber Security Awareness Initiative this month. This initiative aims to raise awareness among school students through targeted activities, site visits, workshops, educational videos, cyber competitions, and the distribution of gifts.

"Cyber Eco" also includes training for educators and parents. Currently, the Cyber-security Educational Curriculum is implemented in approximately 150 public and private schools in Qatar.

Source: QNA

By Fathimath Nasli - January 04, 2024

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