Corporate Party Ideas That Employees Will Surely Enjoy

Corporate Party Ideas That Employees Will Surely Enjoy By Pankaj Sharma - June 20, 2021

Corporate Party

Whether it’s coming up with a fun theme, to spice up the event, or picking the right corporate party catering company in Toronto (or the one near you), you can find a ton of ideas to help make your next corporate party a blast! 

Theme Ideas to Spice up Your Party

A great theme can add some spice to your party, especially if you choose one that fits the season. Even if you aren’t planning a seasonal party, like a holiday or Halloween party, you can still find a great theme to mix things up. Keep these themes in mind to give yourself some ideas and make your party one to remember: 

1. Summertime BBQ

The great thing about parties is that they’re a chance for everyone to let their hair down and mingle in a more casual setting. Hosting a summertime party is a great chance to do just that. Everyone’s wearing more casual summer wear, adding to the laid-back atmosphere. 

Ideally, your food and drink choices should be laid-back as well like burgers and hot dogs, with some cold beer and lemonade to go with them. If you’re feeling fancy, you may want to mix things up with some cool cocktails like mint juleps. 

Make it a festive atmosphere by adding some games. Fun outdoor games like croquet or badminton are just one more way to make the day more fun. You can also set up some team games like dodgeball or relay races. 

Think of it as a chance to team up people who don’t normally spend much time around each other. For a way to really motivate your colleagues, consider setting up a tournament. The team with the most wins at the end of the day gets a prize. 

2. Murder Mystery Party

Think of this idea as a live version of Clue (the game and the movie). You and your colleagues get to adapt fake identities, solve a simulated murder mystery, gather clues, and find the killer before they strike again. 

To make things a little easier, there are often murder mystery companies who can help with the planning. Many of these companies also let you hire their space, so you can save yourself the worry of setting up and cleaning after. 

If you’re going all the way with the setting, train trips and southern gothic mansions are common picks. Alternatively, you can do a virtual murder mystery setting where you and your coworkers solve the mystery over your computers. 

3. Casino Thrill

Ever wanted to experience the thrill of gambling without the risks? Then give a casino-themed party a shot. Find yourself a large event space that can fit a large number of round tables and decorate it to look like something out of the Las Vegas Strip. 

If you’re a fan of retro, you can go for a dark, moody colour palette to simulate a speakeasy. Casino-themed parties are also a great venue for serving some alcoholic beverages like whiskey, the better to help you bond with your coworkers. 

For the more ambitious, you can tie your casino event to a charity. Set up a silent auction or a basket raffle so your fellow party-goers can contribute to a good cause. 

 Movie Night

Many people love movies, and that might be a great theme that you and your coworkers can bond over. Host a movie night where everyone can watch some of their favourite movies. Pick a theme for your movie night so your movie picks have some synergy. 

Horror, comedy, or musicals might be some good themes to start with. If your first movie night is a resounding success, you may want to keep it up as a more casual affair with your coworkers. If the weather allows, you may also want to consider setting up your own outdoor movie theatre. 

When your company has a suitable outdoor space, you can take advantage of the extra space to stretch yourselves out and enjoy a larger screen for viewing. If not, give some thought to contacting the city about using the local park for your movie night. Finally, remember the most important part of your office movie night - the popcorn!

5. Office Talent Show

There’s more to you and your colleagues than work, and what better way to show it than with a talent show. Think of it as a chance to share more about each other, aside from being an officemate. You might be surprised at what hidden depths lie beneath what you normally see at work. 

You could hold a talent show at your office, but you may want to up the ante by renting out a local bar with a stage. Consider sending personal invitations to colleagues whose talents you’re aware of. A personal touch works wonders for getting more recalcitrant talents to step up. Use these talents to break the ice and get everyone else in the mood to show their stuff to the rest of the office. 

Alternatively, pick random themes where everyone should have equally low experience with that skill. For example, have a show where you try to find the best kazoo player. It’s an easy way to get a few laughs and make the event feel a little more casual. 

Aside from your theme, your party will also need the basics taken care of, like enough food and drinks. Remember to handle all the other minutiae of hosting a party, like availing the services of a minibus rental company in Mississauga, or one near you, to get everyone from point A to point B. After all, going to the party as a group is much more fun!

Whatever you have in mind for your next corporate party, keep all these ideas in mind for some easy inspiration. A great idea may just be what you need to give yourself that flash of genius moment for the company’s next great party!

By Pankaj Sharma - June 20, 2021

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