Citizen, Asian arrested for money laundering

Citizen, Asian arrested for money laundering By A Robin - January 28, 2024
MoI Qatar

MoI Qatar

The Economic and Cyber Crimes Combating Department has arrested two individuals, one of them a citizen and the other of Asian descent, involved in a significant money laundering operation.

The investigation originated from information about substantial financial transactions in an account belonging to a company operating within the country, using credit cards issued from an Asian country.

Following thorough investigations and the collection of essential evidence, the suspects were identified.

It was found that the recently established company in the country acted as a facade for a gang involved in money laundering crimes, having recently shifted its operations from a neighbouring country to Qatar. Consequently, in collaboration with the Public Prosecution, the assets were frozen, and the suspects were apprehended.

Upon confrontation, they admitted to the allegations and legal measures were taken against them.

By A Robin - January 28, 2024

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