Charbonnel et Walker Chocolates Now Available in Qatar

Charbonnel et Walker Chocolates Now Available in Qatar By Qatar Day - June 04, 2024

Charbonnel et walker

Charbonnel et Walker, Britain’s first luxury chocolatier, is now available in Qatar exclusively at Gold Gourmet and Blue Salon

Founded in 1875, Charbonnel et Walker is renowned for its exquisite chocolates that capture the essence of England’s rich heritage. Encouraged by Edward VII, the company was established by Mrs. Walker from London and Mme. Charbonnel from Paris. Today, it operates from the elegant Royal Arcade on Old Bond Street in London and holds the prestigious Royal Warrant as makers of chocolate to Queen Elizabeth II since 1970.

Many of Charbonnel et Walker’s chocolates are still hand-made using traditional recipes, resulting in a rich, unforgettable taste. Known for their finest truffles, each chocolate confectionery piece is a journey of indulgence, featuring a velvety chocolate ganache center and a delicate cocoa coating. Flavors include savory pistachio, sweet strawberries and cream, mouthwatering salted caramel, and coconut.

Presented in luxurious hand-made boxes with satin ribbons, Charbonnel et Walker chocolates make the perfect gift for any occasion.Experience the refined taste of Charbonnel et Walker chocolates at Gold Gourmet and Blue Salon.

Visit or today and indulge in a truly elegant and sophisticated chocolate experience.

By Qatar Day - June 04, 2024
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