Causes of Little Red Dots on Skin- Things You Need To Know

Causes of Little Red Dots on Skin- Things You Need To Know By Qatar Day - December 17, 2021
Causes of Little Red Dots on Skin Things You Need To Know

Causes of Little Red Dots on Skin- Things You Need To Know

I get irritating spots on my skin when the temperature in the room changes quickly from hot to cold, or vice versa. Yes, it’s an allergic reaction to the weather, as a physician has told me..

But that is not the only reason why other people experience similar symptoms.?

Some are not even itchy at all in comparison to what I have had. They’re just a little red dots on skin that give nothing but worry to the individuals they grow on.

If you prefer to know to obtain any idea on what you’re dealing with before consulting a doctor, you have come to the right site. Below are the most likely causes of this problem.

5 Likely Causes of Little Red Dots on Skin

1. Angioma

Cherry Angiomas Laser Treatments - Dermatologist Dr. Gergana Gallacher  Dermatology and Laser Centre

The first suspect is the angiomas. These skin growths do not choose the body parts they will appear on since they come out after the clustering of broken blood vessels underneath or right on the epidermis.

Such spots are better known as cherry angiomas because of their color and dome-like shape.

Although it is evident to those whose age goes beyond 30, why they develop on a person varies. There are specialists who claim that angiomasare hereditary, yet others say that they prevail more during pregnancy or when you become exposed to certain chemicals.

Either way, you should only be bothered by them in case the growth sizes begin to differ.

2. Pityriasis Rosea

Do you notice a scaly patch of raised skin on your middle section along with its “babies” (the little red dots) that seem to multiply in a downward direction?

I can’t be 100% certain, but you may be suffering with pityriasis rosea – a type of rash that has disturbed my peace for weeks.

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From what I can remember my dermatologist has mentioned about this issue, a virus is its root cause. It tends to be very itchy, to the extent that you may think of it as a ringworm.

Pityriasis rosea ideally goes away after one to three months. If you cannot handle the itchiness, however, a physician can prescribe medicine to help you with it.

3. Petechiae

Is petechiae a symptom of leukemia? | Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer  Center - Buffalo, NY

As you now have a clue on what an angioma is, you will be able to tell it apart from petechiae. Another term used for it is ‘blood spots’ because the reddish dots do come out when the capillaries burst. Since this situation takes place below the skin, the surface remains flat.

The source of petechiae can be a lot of things. You can experience it after straining your body too much at the gym, getting sunburnt, or having a localized injury.

The doctor may provide antibiotics if there is a possibility of the affected area being infected. If the chances of that happening are low, though, your state may improve after you put a cold compress or an ice pack over it.

4. Rosacea

Acne Rosacea: Causes, Symptoms And Treatments In India

I had a college friend who’d have rosy cheeks, chin, and forehead whenever the weather becomes quite hot. It was only a couple of years after graduation that I realized that the rosiness was due to a skin condition called rosacea.

It is a chronic problem that you can never hide since its sole target is the face. The little red dots on skin are, in fact, the blood vessels that have emerged to the surface.

It’s lucky in case the circumstance stays that way as I have heard of some individuals with the same disease who have also experienced acne breakouts, eyelid swelling, and skin thickening.

The probable treatments for rosacea include laser, antibiotics, and ointments. The one that your dermatologist will recommend depends on how serious the matter is, of course.

5. Keratosis Pilaris

Keratosis pilaris images | DermNet NZ

Keratosis pilaris is the last possible cause of your skin dilemma that I will discuss in this article. This is not the word the people typically use for it, however, because it’s rather accredited as chicken skin or goosebumps.

What happens is that the hair follicles on the arms and upper thighs get inflamed because of a genetic disorder. You don’t even need to wax or shave those parts to get this disease since you have basically been born with it.

The harshest thing about this skin problem is that the cure is still yet to be invented.You may be able to subdue the bumps more during the summer when the weather is both warm and humid than in winter.

In the event that you suffer from keratosis pilaris, you have to wait to grow older before you see longer lasting improvements on the affected regions.

Whether they are itchy or not, having little red dots on skin can make you feel anxious to know if they will go away on their own or if they require treatments.

The ideas you have read above are meant to enlighten you regarding what your possible case is, but be sure to check with your physician too sooner than later.

Good luck!

By Qatar Day - December 17, 2021

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