Career Guide: Roadmap to Career Success

Career Guide: Roadmap to Career Success By Shahbaz Ahmed - December 11, 2021
Career Guide

Career Guide

A career is a major part of one's life, and it's something one needs to start planning from the start; you can't wait until your late twenties or thirties to know what you want to do for the rest of your life. It's utterly important to know what you want to do, so it gets easy to achieve it. We have seen many cases of career changes or career unhappiness or an unsuccessful career because the right career choice was never made to begin with. That is why we have completed the ultimate roadmap for a successful career for you.

If you are looking for the best career guide, you don't have to look any further since this step-by-step guide will take you through the path of your career choice and how to succeed. Follow the steps to get started.

What is a career?

Career is a term that has many subjective definitions instead of one objectively. However, it can be termed as the total number of jobs you held throughout your life. For some, it's their passion; for some, it's mere employment and some even believe that a career is the lifelong job choice you make. For some, it's the journey of growth and learning in a specific niche and so on. 

The definitions are nonexhaustive, but they don't hold much weight. The important part is the roadmap, the path that you should go on to find the ultimate career and success in.

Step 1: Exploring 

The first part of your ultimate career path is to explore. Now the question is, what should I be exploring? Well, there are two things. Firstly you have to explore yourself, and secondly, you have to explore careers. Exploring or knowing yourself means diving deep into yourself, your head, and your heart to figure out what you want from life. What are your goals? What does success mean to you? What is the threshold? Does a career come to you at the level of the priority that it should? Etc. Questions like these will help you set an intention that will help you overall through your career.

Nextly, you have to explore your career while keeping yourself and your answer in mind. Try to find careers that interest you, that highlight your previous strengths, or even showcase your abilities. Turning a hobby or interest into a career is something you will thank yourself for in the long run. Ask if you think you are up for a specific career? Can you handle the pressure of that choice, and whether that career choice is what you see yourself in the next decade or score? These questions will certainly open your mind and help you explore not merely career choices but also yourself.

Step 2: Choosing Academic Options

The next step after exploring oneself is to select the career and then focus on its academic requirements. The first step of exploring yourself and options never really ends since a person grows and changes through life. But there are steps that you have to move on to or simultaneously take to get the ultimate career success. And the next step in decision making. Once you have completed your self-exploration, combine it with different career options that fit the box. 

At the same time, another step of this section is to explore options around you. That means looking for opportunities available in your region that fit your interests too. Try to find out the majors being offered and which one you like, also check the requirements for that major and the jobs you can do after that. You have to question whether the skills you found in yourself will resonate with the job, the degree, and the work environment afterward and whether the ultimate goal of that career is the goal you are looking for.

Answering such questions can help you learn more about yourself and come with a career choice that you like. At this point, you have to make a decision and select a final one that checks all the boxes and remain focused on that.

Step 3: Gaining knowledge and experience

Once you have selected a career choice, it's time to get moving. You have to gain knowledge and experience in that discipline, starting with applying for degrees in that field. You have to check the requisites for the degree, where to apply, and which universities are the best for that specific field. Make sure to do your research well. The next part is actually to study and do well in that field. Participate in different events and make sure to exceed in the field you plan on making your career.

Next, after you finish your degree, it's time to get working and start with learning a few basic techniques such as email writing, CV writing, and recruitment processes. Afterward, apply for many internships or job opportunities to get hands-on experience in that field. Experience and skill matter in any field, and that is why for career success, try to gain as much experience as you can in that field of yours. You have to learn and build the ultimate action plan for job opportunities to succeed in life.

Step 4: Maintaining and growing

The last step is to maintain the job you have acquired but at the same time grow. Healthy job transitions are a must since they will help you attain your final goals. For that, you have to work on networking, negotiation and jump on the first best opportunity you get; you have to act fast and keep your future goals in mind and try your best to achieve them.



Having a successful career isn't easy and there are numerous guides out there, but this guide can help you in whatever career plans you have and start from the basics, it will help you choose a career not by a quiz or a paid counseling but rather from yourself. By exploring yourself, you can better choose options for yourself, which will help you set goals that won't be a burden but rather a passion for achieving. You have to stay consistent and keep the bigger picture in mind. Good luck!

By Shahbaz Ahmed - December 11, 2021
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