Capture. Create. Share. Qatar’s perfect photography spots

Capture. Create. Share. Qatar’s perfect photography spots By Fatuma A. Abdullahi - August 17, 2021

Qatar's perfect photography spots

Qatar is a fantastic location for keep explorers; the Arabian Peninsula offers unforgettable sights which can elevate your photography to new heights. Qatar is a gorgeous gem waiting to be uncovered, with futuristic museums and timeless ancient places.

Here are a few of my favorite photography locations in Qatar that can inspire you and make your images stand out.


The FIFA World Cup 2022 stadiums 

In 2022, Qatar will host the FIFA world cup. For photography, we cannot overlook the magnificent architectural masterpieces that are constructed. With only a few stadiums under construction, you can visit the Khalifa International Stadium, Al Bayt, Al Rayyan, Education City, and Al Janoub for a match or the sights. You are guaranteed to find many stunning spots for a good photo. These stadiums boast an ultra-modern façade that honors Qatar’s sporting history, cultural symbolism, innovation, and much more.


The Mondrian is one of the coolest recent photography spots in Doha. The atrium features designer’s Marcel Wanders iconic floating staircase to nowhere and chic Arabic lanterns. It also boasts an Alice in Wonderland-inspired rooftop pool with black and white-colored tiles and stained glass in the surrounding area that will take your breath away. At the Mondrian, there are so many places to create amazing shots; it all relies on your imagination and creativity.

Barzan Towers 

The Barzan Towers are a pair of watchtowers constructed of limestone and coral rock in the 19th century. The massive towers are gorgeous in the sunlight, even on their own, and would look fabulous in any shot. The view from the top, on the other hand, is simply breathtaking.

Towering above the surrounding landscape, they were initially built to keep an eye on the Rawdat, a habitat where indigenous flora and fauna flourish due to the collection of rainwater. While you won’t see the Rawdat these days because of urban development, you will have a good view of the surrounding area and the sea beyond.

Katara cultural village.

Katara has so much to offer, visually and culturally speaking. The country’s creative heart boasts the Amphitheatre, an excellent architectural blend of Islamic and Greek elements. It overlooks the sea and boasts beautiful views. With a powerful sculpture standing between the Amphitheatre and the water, it’s just the perfect spot for photography. Don’t miss the bird towers, the mosque, and the views from the hill. 

Inland Sea 

Khor al Adaid – the inland sea is one of the few places in the world where the desert surrounds the sea. It’s one of the most popular places to visit because of its unique landscape. The striking azure blue of the sea provides an alluring contrast to the white desert sand enveloping it. Capture the fascinating panorama and make lasting memories. 

Singing Sand Dunes 

The singing sand dunes are worth a visit if you’re looking for the right site to photograph the vast desert. In the middle of the Qatari desert, you’ll find 60-meter-high dunes that form a distinct sloping line. This place is known for its magical singing sand dunes, in addition to stunning views. The dunes produce a vibrating sound that many liken to a song when you move the sand.

Umm Bab Clay Quarry 

This strangely beautiful landscape possesses stunning scenery that is not easy to forget. But, unfortunately, after years of digging, the quarry has become a primarily barren landscape with deep canals and high ridges. 

Umm Bab is mainly known for its beach; however, it’s also home to a historical business. Qatar National Cement Company began operations here in 1965 and continues to operate to this day. Oddly, the excavator-operators started digging around some trees. This seemingly random action was then repeated during the next phase of the excavation, and so on. After many years, the result is the presence of 20- to 30-foot-tall towers of clay, with solitary frail trees sitting at the very top. 

The other famous feature of the quarry is the piles of discarded soil heaped up in neat, straight rows. Strong wind and sandstorms have turned these piles into perfectly rounded hills surrounded by vast stretches of flatland. 

There are many more spots that you could visit for photography: The Souq Waqif, Souq Al Wakra, The National Museum, The National Library, Education City, The Pearl, Msheireb Downtown, Al Thakira Mangroves, Sheikh Feisal Museum, Box Park, Museum of Islamic Arts. Al Hazm Mall, Al Zubara Fort and much more. So go out to your immediate neighborhood and find the small hidden gems as well. 

By Fatuma A. Abdullahi - August 17, 2021

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