Canada sets two-year cap on Foreign students

Canada sets two-year cap on Foreign students By Fathimath Nasli - January 23, 2024
Canada sets two year cap on Foreign students

Immigration Minister of Canada, Marc Miller

Canada has said it will cap the number of foreign students admitted to the country for two years in an attempt to address pressure on housing and healthcare in the country.

Canada plans to limit the admission of foreign students for a two-year period, resulting in a 35% reduction in approved study permits.

In 2022, over 800,000 foreign students were in Canada, a significant increase from 214,000 a decade earlier.

The new measures aim to address housing and healthcare pressures, ensuring the integrity of the system. Immigration Minister Marc Miller announced the cap, intending to approve around 360,000 undergraduate study permits this year. Each province and territory will receive a share based on population and current student intake, with provinces deciding how to distribute permits.

The cap applies only to students in diploma or undergraduate programs and doesn't affect permit renewals. Additionally, work permits for graduates from public-private partnership colleges will no longer be granted, starting in September.

The government aims to prevent under-resourced institutions from taking advantage of international students. The decision coincides with the Trudeau government facing pressure to address housing affordability issues in Canada.

Home prices average C$750,000, and rent has risen 22% in the last two years. Some economists attribute housing unaffordability to a spike in immigration, but experts note other factors such as high-interest rates, inflation, and supply chain disruptions.

The cap represents a significant policy shift for Canada, historically relying on open immigration to fill job vacancies. Universities Canada welcomes the exemption of post-graduate students from the cap but expresses concern about adding stress to the system and potentially deterring students.

President of McMaster University, David Farrar, emphasizes the importance of international students for the learning environment and the financial contributions they make to offset costs for domestic students.

Source: BBC

By Fathimath Nasli - January 23, 2024

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