Beware of mosquitoes as winter sets in, warns Qatar Health Ministry

Beware of mosquitoes as winter sets in, warns Qatar Health Ministry By A Robin - December 06, 2023


Listing out some of the necessary guidelines to avoid breeding of mosquitoes and spread of diseases due to mosquito bites, Ministry of Public Health, Hamad Medical Corporation and Primary Health Care Corporation issued a warning to take precaution. 

"As winter approaches and the rainy season begins, the spread of mosquitoes increases, especially in areas close to stagnant water, including irrigation water, places where water from air conditioning units collects, and other bodies of water where mosquitoes can breed. Certain types of mosquitoes can sometimes transmit certain diseases, making it important to take precautions against them," it said. 

In its general instructions to avoid mosquito bites, the ministry stated: 
- Use mosquito repellent spray or cream when you and your family are in open areas such as gardens and parks.
- Wear long-sleeved clothing covering arms and legs in outdoor spaces.
- Keep windows and doors closed as much as possible at home and use protective screens on windows when opening them for ventilation.
- Avoid having stagnant water in buckets and plant pots inside and outside the house, or in swimming pools. Dispose of solid waste items, such as old tires, that could collect rainwater.
- Cover all household water tanks and empty containers and flowerpots of stagnant water at least once a week.

By A Robin - December 06, 2023

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