BEWARE EXPATS! If You Caught DOING This, You Will be TERMINATED Without Notice!

BEWARE EXPATS! If You Caught DOING This, You Will be TERMINATED Without Notice! By Ruchi singh - August 16, 2018
BEWARE EXPATS If You Caught DOING This You Will be TERMINATED Without Notice

BEWARE EXPATS! If You Caught DOING This, You Will be TERMINATED Without Notice!

There are instances where employees get terminated with zero notice period, cases are recorded such as the employee showed up to work and were simply told they are not employees there anymore. Even employees when asked for the reason were given zero justification for their termination.

This is always a tricky situation because an employer firing an employee suddenly or without giving any justification is unfortunately not unlawful. The at-will employment doctrine allows an employer to terminate an employee without giving them any kind of notice or justification, unless such requirements are provided by contract or union rights.

In spite of the fact that such a choice can be made by a business for different reasons like going through a financial downturn to performance related issues with respect to the worker. Many different reason includes as below

Work performance: Work performance problems can lead to termination even with good attendance at a job. An employee can be fired on the employer’s will if their work performance does not meet the business standards. Some of these issues may be lack of necessary skills required to perform duties, incompetence, failure to learn the required skills or processes, neglect of maintenance or safety procedures, refusal to perform duties, laziness, or negligence.

Behavioral issues: Conduct problems can lead to firing if they continue over a long period. Behavioral issues may include unprofessional manners (especially in customer service jobs), constant or gross insubordination, inability to properly relate with co-workers, customers or both, arguing with supervisor, co-workers or customers, use of foul language while at work, and sleeping while on duty. With these conduct problems, the firing is frequently part of a "progressive step" process, meaning the employee will have been warned and given an opportunity to improve before more severe measures are taken.

Gross Misconduct at office: Gross misconduct offenses can lead to immediate firing without any further warning. Gross misconduct comprises of damaging work related equipment through negligence; discovery of false information on the job application, fighting or brawling at work; harassment of other employees, such as sexual or racial harassment; use of employer's equipment (e.g. vehicles and computers) to engage in non-work-related activity or other violations of employer policies, illegal activity, or to view pornography; testing positive for illegal drug usage; failure to submit to a mandatory drug test (especially for transportation or heavy equipment-related jobs such as machine operators); engaging in illegal activities on the job (such as embezzlement or illegal subordinate harassment); or cheating the employer out of wages by wrongfully filling a time sheet.

Employee fails to perform basic duties: More typical purposes behind terminating incorporate participation issues, poor work execution, risky lead, disobedience, drinking or doing illicit medications at work or devouring similar substances before work and appearing to work while inebriated or "high” or off employment site conduct.Attendance issues incorporate continuous non-appearance or lateness, or surprisingly more dreadful, the "no call, no show" in which a representative does not come to work and neglects to advise the business. Other participation issues include despicable taking of breaks, for example, taking developed or unapproved breaks, inability to come back from breaks in a timely manner, or strolling off the premises or occupation site without permission from the boss.

By Ruchi singh - August 16, 2018

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