Best Spots for Overnight Camping in Qatar

Best Spots for Overnight Camping in Qatar By Josephine Justin - October 10, 2022
Best Spots for Overnight Camping in Qatar

Best Spots for Overnight Camping in Qatar

Camping season is finally back! With the winter months approaching it is time to go check on all our beach chairs and barbeque sets. Qatar’s vast shoreline is definitely a marvel worth every praise, and what better way to do so than to go overnight camping at the many incredible camping sites the country has to offer? 

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For our international visitors, here for the World Cup, we definitely recommend ending your match days unwinding under the stars, while a barbeque slow-cooks on the side and a campfire keeps your toes warm.

It is important to note that while many of the beach & camp sites in the country are open to the public, there are a few that are exclusively family beaches or have specific areas designated for women and family crowds.

It is also important to remember the cleanliness and sanitary regulations that the country strictly upholds at all times, and ensure the safe disposal of your waste either at the marked sanitary bins on the beaches or back at your home/hotel.


Sealine beach is undoubtedly a favorite in Qatar thanks to its beautiful, fluffy sand and breathtaking scenery. There are several activities available for campers, including dune buggies and various water sports. Swimming is also a popular activity at the beach, and families often come here to enjoy an evening of relaxation by the beach before camping under the stars. 

Additionally, there is an Al Meera convenience store and a resort nearby, both within a few kms. The beauty and peacefulness of this place are unrivaled, especially for those looking for a scenic place to camp.


Another popular camping site in Qatar, the Inland Sea is famous for its beautiful scenery and the unspoiled sand, coupled with activities like quad biking for thrill-seekers in the sand dunes and water sports. Groups of friends or family can go on desert camping safaris, with buffet and barbeque options with tour groups for reasonable prices.

Situated between rocky dunes and a crystalline sea, it is definitely one of the best places to swim and unwind by the water while taking in the UNESCO-recognized Natural Reserve here. 


Located around 100 kilometers from Doha, Zekreet Beach is a region well-known for its limestone escarpment and is home to numerous unique and interesting coves and bays. 

Zekreet is home to rocks known as "Desert Mushrooms". As a result of years of whittling winds striking the sedimentary rocks, the rocks have taken on the shape of mushrooms and are now dispersed over the area.

The beach, situated on the tip of the Dukhan Peninsula, is a perfect camping getaway from the city, offering magnificent scenery in the form of limestone rocks, cliffs, and turquoise-colored water.


Image credits: Hammad Iqbal Photography

Discovered by chance by two photographers looking for a dark and deserted place to shoot, the Galactic Core Bay is an Uninhabited region in the northwest of the nation, located just south of the UNESCO World Heritage Site- Al Zubara Fort, with access to the Gulf of Bahrain on the west. 
Galactic Core Bay is the ideal location for photos of the sun setting over the ocean since it offers an unobstructed view of the water, and has a half-sunken wooden pier that can be used for framing. At the end of April, when Qatar’s geographical location is just right, the place is ideal for those looking to capture the galactic core of the Milky Way.

However, there are no roads leading to Galactic Core Bay, and getting there requires risky off-roading for about half an hour. The location is unavailable on google maps and is apparently known as “Umm-al-Maa'' by the locals.
The coordinates to Galactic Core Bay are: 25°52’51.5″N 50°58’21.1″E


With some of the whitest and arguably bluest waters in Qatar, Fuwairit Beach is located in the Northern-most tip of the country. The beach is a popular spot with families and groups looking to spend a night by the sea and then end it with a spectacular sunrise.
Make sure you bring everything you'll need because there are no nearby restaurants or amenities, and the closest store is at least a 15-minute drive away. The beach is closed to the public between the months of April- July when Hawksbill turtles nest on the sand along the coastline. Every year, the hatching phase lasts from the beginning of June to the end of July.


About 90 kms from Doha, Dukhan Beach is a well-loved camping site on the Western Coast of the country, especially popular among the people in and around Dukhan. The water at the beach is not very deep and families can camp there with their kids without worry. The beach is known for its ideal overnight camping grounds with secluded spots and pristine waters.


Also known as the Palm Tree beach, this beach is unique for its many palm tree clusters dotting the coastline- a part of the Al Reem Natural Reserve.
It's a terrific family beach with amenities including a play area for kids and BBQ grills and is also said to have a separate fenced area reserved for families exclusively. Thanks to a few clay quarry excavations further inland, the beach is known for its many moon-like landscapes, that are perfect for Instagram photos.

That brings us to the end of our list. Be sure to pack flashlights to make your way around the tents when nature calls at night, and sunscreen if you plan on staying for the sunrise. Happy camping!

By Josephine Justin - October 10, 2022

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