Best Malls in Qatar: Where to Go Shopping in Doha

Best Malls in Qatar: Where to Go Shopping in Doha By Almaha Aldorani - July 06, 2022
Best Malls in Qatar Where to Go Shopping in Doha

Top Shopping Malls in Qatar

Do you enjoy shopping? Did you know shopping is one of the most effective therapies for some people to feel better and happier?

A study from the journal Consumer Psychology shows that retail therapy can make a person happier immediately and reduce bad feelings. Another study states that shopping can cause your brain to release more serotonin, a chemical that makes you feel happy.

There is a certain percentage of consumers who prefer to shop in person and they enjoy the experience. Shopping in person can help you with a lot of things such as finding a huge variety of products, and many shops under one roof that allows you to check and compare the quality of the different products that you purchase.

During Covid-19, people missed shopping in malls because of the quarantine, but they didn’t lose interest in going shopping once the pandemic got over.

Why Do People Prefer to Shop in Person?

Talking about malls makes people feel excited, especially to those who are outgoing and who love fashion. Therefore, many prefer shopping in malls physically and enjoy it a lot. Going to malls allows them to:

1. Explore the variety of shops under one roof.

2. Check the quality of materials before buying them.

3. Try or test anything before purchasing it.

4. Explore special promotional offers in different shops.

5. Save money as no shipping costs are needed.

There are many advantages of going to shopping malls physically for your health, such as walking, which helps you in burning some calories. If peole feel lazy or bored, they usually go for a walk at any mall to check out the new collections in the shops, which changes their mood instantly and also help them burn some calories while walking.

However, there are a few disadvantages of going shopping in person, such as:

1. Overcrowding on weekends and holidays.

2. Waiting in lines.

3. Sales promotions are limited sometimes.

4. If you want to go to shopping malls to have an in-person shopping experience, you can choose weekdays or times that are not so busy to avoid those situations.

Most Visited Malls in Qatar

There are many malls in Qatar, but there are a few of them that most people prefer shopping from. In the past few years, Qatar has opened many new huge malls. Here are some of the popular malls that most people like to go to for shopping:

1. Doha Festival City 

Doha Festival City Mall is the largest mall in Qatar so far and is one of the well-loved destinations for many people. It is a huge mall with 600,000 square meters that opened in 2018 and is located in the north of Qatar, in an area called Umm Salal Mohammed. The mall was built at a cost of 6 billion Qatari Ryals that includes a lot of indoor entertainment and shops with over 200 international brands like Zara, Mango, Bershka, and the famous brand Harvey Nichols, which is a 2-story shop. There is also a famous international furniture store called IKEA. It is a huge store that has all kinds of furniture that I need. Until today, Doha Festival Mall is one of the favorite shopping malls in Qatar where people enjoy shopping as they can find varieties of shops with famous brands like Zara.

2. Villaggio

Villaggio Mall is one of the most famous malls in Qatar because it has a 150-meter-long indoor canal gondola like the Italian hill town, Villaggio, an Italian word that means ‚Äúvillage‚ÄĚ. It is a total plot of 360,000 square meters located in the Al Waab area near Aspire Zone, which opened in 2006. People prefer to go there for shopping until today. There are over 1.5 million people every month who visit Villaggio Mall because it hosts top luxury brands including Christian Dior, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and Valentino. People¬†like to go shopping in Villaggio Mall whenever they want to buy luxury products or gifts for their friends and families.

3. Mall Of Qatar

Mall Of Qatar is the second-largest mall in the country, spanning 500,000 square meters. It officially opened in 2017 located in the Al Rayyan area near Al Rayyan Sports Club. It defines a feature of the ‚ÄúOasis‚ÄĚ and has a 30-meter high atrium landscaped with planted tree-like support structures. The mall looks unique because of the natural sky lighting and water fountain interiors. There are more than 500 shops in this mall including¬†Debenhams, Pari Gallery, and Salam Store, which always offer promotions and sales. While shopping, people drop by the Karak Stop where they serve delicious Karak.¬†

Shopping is entertainment for some people as they enjoy going to the malls and buying things while having fun. During the summertime, people try to avoid the hot weather and prefer indoor activities such as shopping in malls. Malls are an easy and favorable addition to society as they can buy whatever is needed to fulfill their needs and wants under one roof from household things to shoes and more.

By Almaha Aldorani - July 06, 2022

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