Best Malls in Qatar- 2022

Best Malls in Qatar- 2022 By Josephine Justin - October 10, 2022
Best Malls in Qatar 2022

Best Malls in Qatar- 2022

With world-class malls all over the country, Qatar is known as one of the best shopping destinations in the world. The country boasts both retail and high-end luxury brands, and the malls have an array of choices for all, featuring everything from restaurants and cafes, to cinemas and amusement parks all in the same place. 


Located in the heart of Lusail, Qatar's Place Vendome is one of the many new shopping malls to open in the country this year. The mall is built in the traditional French-style of architecture, with four stories and an open concept, spanning over 1,150,000 square meters.
Quickly proving to be one of the most popular luxury malls among the people in Qatar, Place Vendome features a wide range of high-end luxury stores, a hypermarket, a range of dining options, and a cinema complex.
Place Vendome has many hospitality areas such as 5-star hotels and luxurious apartments,
along with dancing fountains and a water canal running through the interior and exterior of the facility. The mall also features an outdoor laser show every evening that is quite the treat for visitors.

Location: Wadi Al Gaeya, Lusail
Timings: Sun-Wed (9AM - 10PM), Thurs-Sat (9AM - 12AM)


Opened in December 2016, Mall of Qatar is a 464,515 sqm, a 3-floor shopping mall located in Al Rayyan, Qatar. The glassed dome at the center is eight floors high.
In addition to its 500 stores with many international brands, the mall has a breathtaking Oasis area with a 360 stage and a 19-screen Cinema Megaplex with the largest IMAX Laser 3D projection system in the world. 
Mall of Qatar is a popular spot for many major performances and events, premiering the world’s first resident troupe, performing mall-wide entertainment and custom-developed live shows on a 360-degree multi-lift rotating stage, with theatrical sound & lighting and animated water features.
A Family Entertainment Complex and an 8-lane bowling alley present in the mall make it an easy destination for families and groups looking to unwind and have fun.

Location: Rawdat Al Jahhaniya, Al Rayyan
Timings: Sun-Wed (10 AM - 10 PM), Thu (10 AM-midnight), Fri (10 AM - 11:30 AM, 1 PM-midnight), Sat (10 AM - 11 PM)


Featuring the country’s first and only IKEA store, Doha Festival City, or DFC mall as it is popularly known, is home to a wide range of retail stores from family and wallet-friendly brands to luxury stores from around the world. 
The mall has over 100 restaurants and cafes, in addition to the first VOX 4D cinema complex in the region.
DFC mall also contains theme parks like the Angry Birds World theme park and the indoor snow park SnowDunes, both of which are the first of their kind in the region, in addition to Virtuocity- the country’s first e-gaming hub.

Location: Umm Salal Mohammed, Al Shamal Road
Timings: Sat-Wed (10 AM - 10 PM), Thu (10 AM - 11 PM), Fri (10 AM - 1:30 AM, 1 PM - 11 PM)


Al Hazm translates to “higher ground” and the mall definitely lives up to its name with the elevated experience it offers to all its visitors. This magnificent complex, which combines art, culture, and culinary excellence, embodies luxury and pays tribute to Arabia's best hospitality and Italy's ageless charm.
The mall is home to olive trees aged 600 to 700 years originating from Italy and Spain and some of the most popular cafes in the country such as the aesthetic Rosemary Cafe, amongst others.
The Galleria, a 40-meter glass dome-topped stone and marble arcade, is the showstopper at the mall, with classical Greek and Roman-style columns and water fountains.

Location: Al Markhiya Street, Doha
Timings: Sat-Thu (9AM - 12AM), Fri (10AM - 12AM)


Situated in Doha’s Aspire Zone, Villagio Mall in Al Waab Street has an average of 50,000 daily visitors and an annual footfall of over 1.5 million. This record, which is unmatched in the area, attests to the outstanding quality of the Villaggio experience.
Inspired by the iconic canals of Venice, the mall has its very own canal running through it, complete with gondolas and a gondola theme park called Gondolania.
With a total plot size of 360,000 square meters, it is one of the biggest shopping malls in the city. 
Furthermore, it features a 4D theater with seats that emit special effects like air blasts, water sprays, and ticklers as well as the city's first accredited Olympic-sized ice skating rink, making it a true wonder for those seeking a thrilling break from their busy schedules.

Location: Al Waab Street, Aspire Zone
Timings: Sun-Wed (9 AM - 10 PM), Thu & Sat (9 AM - 11 PM), Fri (9 AM - 11AM, 12:30 PM - 11 PM)


Of the three Ezdan malls in the country, the most popular one is located at Al Garaffa spread over three levels, with an area of 124,970 sqm. The mall is home to Funville- an expansive children’s ‘edutainment’ outlet that allows kids to learn as they play. 
Its other two branches, at Wakra and Wukhair have a wide range of retail and luxury shops as well and are popular with the locals of the area.

Location: Al Gharrafa, Al Rayyan
Timings: Sun-Wed (7:30 AM - 10 PM), Thu-Sat (7:30 AM - 11 PM)


Featuring some unique and traditional architecture, Tawar Mall is one of the finest malls in the country with stylish and intricate elements that add to the overall beauty of the place.
Tawar Mall, which is perfectly situated between commuter and business routes, provides the most in terms of convenience while also introducing cutting-edge ideas to the area. You will be at the pinnacle of Doha's growth as you explore one of the city's most breathtaking panoramic views in this stunning setting.

Location: Al Markhiya Street, Doha
Timings: Sat-Wed (10 AM - 10 PM), Thurs (10 AM - 11 PM), Fri (2 PM - 11 PM)


City Center Mall, which lies in West Bay, is unquestionably one of Doha's most well-liked shopping destinations among locals and tourists. The mall includes 38 restaurants in total along with one of the most popular 14-screen cinema complexes in the city and play zones for kids, making it the ideal weekend destination for families. 
Situated in the premier business zone of Doha and flanked by Ministries, 5-star hotels, office buildings, and luxury residential towers, City Center Doha shopping mall provides retailers and customers with an unmatched space and shopping experience in the center of Doha
If you need to grab a quick bite during your break at work, the food court at the mall is just the place for you!

Location: West Bay, Doha
Timings: Sun-Wed (10 AM - 10 PM), Thu & Sat (10 AM - midnight), Fri (10 AM - 11 AM, 1 PM-midnight)


Nestled in the heart of a historically and traditionally vibrant city, Al Khor Mall is the first mall in the Al Khor district and the go-to spot for shoppers in the region. From a 4K Cinema theater to a VR Gaming Arcade 360 Play, the mall has entertainment options that are sure to keep you busy for the day.
Spanning an area of approximately 55,016.67 square meters, the mall has more than 1000 car parking spaces. It is also just a few kms away from the stadium hosting the opening match- Al Bayt Stadium. 

Location: Al Khor Coastal Road, Al Khor
Timings: Sun-Wed (10 AM - 10 PM), Thurs-Sat (10 AM - 11 PM)


Known for its exceptional architecture and aesthetic design, Mirqab mall is one of the newest additions to the many beautiful malls in the country. The mall is located on Al Mirqab Al Jadeed Street, one of the oldest and most popular destinations for supermarkets, butcheries, traditional Arabic and Asian restaurants, etc. 
The Funderdome, a place of education and entertainment for youngsters of all ages, is also located in the mall, along with other gaming arcades and entertainment parks.

Location: Al Mirqab Al Jadeed Street, Doha
Timings: (10 AM - midnight)

By Josephine Justin - October 10, 2022

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