Becoming a Personal Assistant- Things You Should Know 

Becoming a Personal Assistant- Things You Should Know  By Shalini - April 25, 2022
Personal Assistant

Becoming a Personal Assistant- Things You Should Know 

As a career, the personal assistant is a great choice. It pays well and has a massive variety in the fields. PA courses are now available almost everywhere, in colleges and online. The scope of the particular course is immense, and you will learn a number of new skills too. These help you in your daily life as well as your professional life. The diversity is amazing, and each day brings you a new task where you might interact with new people and try stuff you have never done before. Here are some things you should know about being a personal assistant!

Great Paycheck 

Personal Assistants usually earn a very reasonable amount of money. The average pay rate is almost 19$ an hour. But this also depends on the area you work in and the people you work for. Being a PA does not require any specific licensing work. So the amount you get paid is reasonable in all aspects. 

Unpredictable Work Hours

Although it is a very flexible job, the work hours can sometimes be super awkward. The chances are even higher for you to be working around the clock if you are the personal assistant for some celebrity or important personality. Keeping up with family and work might get slightly difficult in this situation.

Requirement of Education

There is honestly no strictness for you to be a graduate or a Ph.D. student to work as a personal assistant. The perfect set of skills to do your job in a decent way is the only requirement for this position. Of course, you need to take some PA courses to sharpen whatever skills you already hold. It is very easy to learn the roles of the career. The only time you face difficulties is when you decide to get into the market. Once that is done, it is a smooth ride ahead. 

Managing Workload 

The job is very well rewarding. Most of the time, your boss will let you manage your workload the way you want to do it. All they care about is the work being done. The key to being a good personal assistant is closely observing what your boss expects. Then adapt to the workstyle and build your trust. Once you are in the good books, you can always work just the way you want as long as you complete the tasks within time. You will not be needing constant reminders from your boss. 

Remote Experience

With the increase in technology, Virtual PA demand is rising too. You can have a chance to work from home and enjoy the comfort in your office time. If it suits you much better than working in an office, the virtual assistant is the perfect job for you. 

Lack of Team Work

Being a Personal Assistant means the chances of you having no team members to work with are really high. You will have to manage the tasks of the respective area all by yourself. But this is not always the case. Sometimes, a Personal Assistant has assistants to work with too. But you have to keep that in mind when you are searching for a job. Smaller companies do not have this facility. If you get a shot to work with a well-known company or person, you will have help all around you. 

Excellent Communication Skills

Communication skills are a must to be a personal assistant. Communicating clearly with your boss and team members to get the job done perfectly is crucial. Any miscommunication can lead to disasters that can get you fired. The way you communicate with people will decide whether the work will be easy for you or not. Always remember to sort things out by talking. This can be a complicated task sometimes, but everything depends on it. When doing PA courses, you will be taught how to interact with others. Your job is to learn and shape up yourself for the future. 

Wrapping it Up

It is quite evident that being a personal assistant is an excellent choice. Especially if you possess the energy for it, it has a lot of advantages. And, of course, a good paycheck is what everyone strives for. That is easy when you are a PA. The cons are very mediocre ones that you can overcome easily with the passage of time. Everything takes some struggle before you finally reach the point where you perfect it. The choice rests on your preferences. Before making the decision, take a look at all points and see if they suit your interests.

By Shalini - April 25, 2022

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