Awqaf Ministry to host over 1,500 activities during Ramadan

Awqaf Ministry to host over 1,500 activities during Ramadan By A Robin - March 10, 2024


During Ramadan, the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs plans to organize 1,500 religious, cultural, and awareness activities.

With 2,278 mosques prepared for Taraweeh prayers, designated spaces for women will be available in most.

Iftar programs at 20 locations will serve 700,000 meals during Ramadan, averaging 24,000 daily.

Director Al-Qahtani highlighted mosque preparations, including cleanliness, equipment provision, and women's prayer areas.

The Imam app's second phase will facilitate requests for Imams and muezzins.

The Itikaf project will run in various mosques during the last ten days of Ramadan.

The Endowment Funds Department will implement the Iftar Saim Project and set up 15 Ramadan tents for dining.

A food basket project will aid needy families, coordinated with the Hifz Al Naama Center.

The Zakat Affairs Department intensifies communication efforts with beneficiaries.

The Department of Religious Call and Guidance plans 1,400 activities during Ramadan, covering diverse aspects of life and faith.

Fanar will offer Ramadan programs in multiple languages, including Arabic language courses and cultural events for the Filipino community.

By A Robin - March 10, 2024

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