Awqaf Ministry Collaborates with MoCIT to Embrace Cutting-Edge Technologies

Awqaf Ministry Collaborates with MoCIT to Embrace Cutting-Edge Technologies By Sruthi Nair - May 26, 2024
Ministry of Endowments and Islamic Affairs

Ministry of Endowments and Islamic Affairs

The Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs has partnered with the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MoCIT) to upgrade the IT infrastructure and critical software at the Ministry of Endowments. This collaboration includes enhancing websites such as Islam Web and boosting cybersecurity in response to global challenges. It is part of a framework agreement between MoCIT and Google Cloud Platform for cloud computing services, aligned with the third National Development Strategy 2024-2030. This strategy aims to advance the digital economy and leverage AI and cutting-edge technologies to achieve Qatar National Vision 2030.

Based on this agreement, MoCIT will introduce new services using AI to optimize user experiences and offer innovative solutions previously unavailable in Qatar and globally. MoCIT will provide the essential tools to help the Ministry of Endowments utilize advanced technologies, digital transformations, and AI, as well as offer new public services. Sami Mohammad Al Shammari, Undersecretary for Infrastructure and Operations Affairs at MoCIT, praised this partnership as a pioneering model among government bodies. He acknowledged the Ministry of Endowments' vital role in spreading Islamic awareness and values, and commended the efforts to promote digital advancement across all state sectors.

Al Shammari emphasized that the collaboration aims to develop an integrated information system to automate and optimize services for Qatar’s citizens and residents. It also focuses on upgrading interactive digital platforms for quicker access to reliable Islamic and cultural information. He expressed hope that this cooperation would significantly enhance the electronic services offered by the Ministry of Endowments.

MoCIT will begin by upgrading the public communication system, providing rapid and effective services through various departments of the Ministry of Endowments. The initial phase will focus on the Mosque sector, which oversees approximately 2,300 mosques nationwide.


Source: The Peninsula Qatar

By Sruthi Nair - May 26, 2024
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