Assassination attempt on Salman Khan

Assassination attempt on Salman Khan By Nidhul - June 11, 2022
Salman Khan

Salman Khan

An alleged murder attempt on Bollywood superstar Salman Khan has left his fans scared about his safety.  According to a few media sources, Salman Khan was the target of an assassination attempt. 

As per sources, Lawrence Bishnoi's goons and sharpshooter were about to kill Salman Khan when an escort of Mumbai Police showed up at his gate.

The superstar had to attend a public function later that day; hence he was accompanied by his security. 

According to a report by Times Network, the suspect had sent a sharpshooter with a small-bore weapon hidden in a modified hockey casing to shoot the actor. The sharpshooter was reportedly stationed outside the actor’s residence in Mumbai. 

The attackers apparently surveyed Salman Khan's residence and discovered that the actor does not cycle with security guards in the morning. According to a Times Network exclusive, the killers were aware that the actor was vulnerable at the time and devised a plan to kill him.

Source: India Times 

By Nidhul - June 11, 2022

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