Armed men kill 29 dogs, puppies in Qatar, sparking outrage

Armed men kill 29 dogs, puppies in Qatar, sparking outrage By A Robin - July 24, 2022
Dogs and puppies

Dogs and puppies

Police in Qatar are currently investigating an incident where armed men with rifles shot dead 29 dogs and puppies at an industrial complex near the capital Doha, sparking outrage in the Gulf state.

The slaughter of 29 dogs by men armed with rifles in Qatar has sparked outrage in the Gulf state.

Authorities say police are investigating the killings, the worst of a series of brutal cases of cruelty to dogs.

But they face criticism from animal welfare activists who say laws defending domestic animals like dogs are not being enforced.

The latest killings took place at an industrial compound near the capital Doha on July 10, but the slaughter was only reported days later, activists told AFP.

Four men, two armed with hunting rifles, threatened guards at the factory and then killed 29 dogs and puppies, activists said. At least three others were wounded, including two in the late stages of pregnancy.

When the men showed up the dogs started running towards them believing "they were going to be fed", one activist said.

"But the men started shooting at random," the activist added.

Authorities say they have identified suspects, without giving further details.

The motive was not immediately clear though activists claim that dogs have long been a target for abusive treatment in the Gulf state.

According to one activist, the shooters told security guards "that a dog had bitten the son of one of the men".

"But the compound is sealed off with high fences and no child could enter to play near the dogs," the activist said.

By A Robin - July 24, 2022

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