Are you Nature Lover? Here are the best 5 jobs for you

Are you Nature Lover? Here are the best 5 jobs for you By Vivek Hansdah - March 28, 2022


Nature lovers are intimately familiar with the fundamental tension that exists between work and play. They feel most alive in nature and thrive in the deep solitude or carefully chosen company of a wilderness experience. Work can so often feel at odds with that — to work and earn a wage requires regular human engagement whether you’re selling crops to a grocer or doing business consulting over the phone. At its very core, work is the social manifestation of the quiet awesomeness that nature imparts to those who spend time in it. Balance is all about finding a job that encourages both.

The perfect jobs for nature lovers allow them to balance their inner wildness with the social necessities in one of two ways: the work either offers spaciousness —  meaning it pays enough, leaves plenty of free time, and isn’t terribly stressful — or it is a job that is fully immersed in the care and enjoyment of the natural world. Here are ten of the best!

1. Adventure Trip Leader

One of the coolest random perks of spending time outdoors is that you naturally gather skills and knowledge about the local environment that others can benefit from. Add a training or two to your arsenal, and you’re as good as gold.

It’s simple: the more time you spend in a particular wilderness environment, the better you are at reading it and the more respect you have for it. Imagine where mountaineering would be without Nepali Sherpas to guide climbers up Everest. Tourists and travelers have a great need for an experienced guide, and if you put yourself in an area where there’s a lot of need for your expertise, you’ve got yourself a full-time job.

2. Organic Farmer

Agribusiness has changed the way we produce and consume food. With large-scale mechanization and bulk production, modern farming hardly feels like connecting with the earth. But if you love soil and planting and raising animals, simply paring-down the idea of what a farm is leads to a small but rewarding thing: organic farming.

Organic farming will rarely turn into a huge-scale operation, but the rewards include a supply of wholesome food, a clear line from farm to table, and having a daily connection to the natural rhythms of fertilization, growth, and death that keep our planet alive. Not too shabby.

3. Environmental Scientist

The environmental sciences are a great way to apply classroom learning to the natural world. There will always be the need for intelligent people to keep track of the health and wellbeing of our planet. To land a job in the environmental sciences you’ll have to have a degree, but a few years in a classroom is nothing compared to a whole career outdoors.

If you’re passionate about water conservation, get a degree in watershed science. If rocks and volcanoes are more your thing, study geology. Plant nerd, biology; animal lover, zoology. The career options are endless when it comes to studying and observing the natural world.

4. Landscape Architect

If your lifestyle requires a little more urban involvement, try being a landscape architect.

The most unbearable cities for nature lovers are the ones that have stamped-out their wildness by pouring concrete over every last inch of soil and replacing trees with parking garages. Landscape architects take an active role in combating that by finding creative ways to intermarry natural elements with the urban environment.

5. Conservation Advocate

If you have the activist fire within you, the planet needs your voice. There are non-profit groups all around the globe that advocate for the environment — from policymaking to personal conservation awareness. By dedicating your energy to one of them, you’ll be helping the rest of the world get up to speed with how important it is to protect our planet.

After all, without the health of the earth, there’s nothing.

By Vivek Hansdah - March 28, 2022

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