Apple will have a new 'Covid-19' feature for these iPhones

Apple will have a new 'Covid-19' feature for these iPhones By NIdhul - January 28, 2022

IOS 13.5 speeds up access to the pass code field on devices with Face ID when the user is wearing a mask.

The first developer beta of iOS 15.4 is out. Among many other features, the beta brings the ability to use FaceID to unlock the iPhone while wearing a mask. Apple already offers the Unlock with Apple Watch feature that allows iPhone users to unlock their phone with the help of an Apple Watch. With the new Face ID with a mask feature, unlocking iPhones will become easier without having to remove the mask.

The first developer beta for iOS 15.4 has a setup screen that asks users if they want to use FaceID while wearing a mask. If they opt for the feature, they are required to rescan their face for Face ID. Users will not need to wear a mask during the setup.

The beta also brings a new ‘Use Face ID with a Mask’ toggle in the Settings app that can be turned on/off as per the user’s choice. There is also a new feature to "Add Glasses" to make Face ID more accurate for users who wear glasses.

It appears that not everyone will be able to use the Face ID with a Mask feature. According to several online reports, the feature works for iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 series. At present, it is not available for iPhone 11 series users.

Ability to unlock iPhones while wearing a mask is one of the most-requested features that become more essential in the current pandemic scenario. Not only iPhone users but organizations too have been asking Apple for it. The Cupertino-based company has introduced various help in this regard from time to time. With iOS 13.5, Apple introduced the ability to detect whether a user is wearing a mask and quickly ask for the passcode instead of trying to authenticate the face. Last year, iOS 14.5 brought the ability to unlock iPhones using Apple Watch.

Source: Times of India

By NIdhul - January 28, 2022

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