All You Need to know about Contract Law

All You Need to know about Contract Law By shahbazahmed - May 31, 2021
All You Need to know about Contract Law

All You Need to know about Contract Law

I will see you in court., is the most common sentence which is heard in case of any dispute or abridgement of law. This makes it clear how important law is to keep the society functioning obeying law and order, to maintain peace. In fact, the profession of a lawyer, itself, is dealing with these disputes to bring the clients to a settled conclusion.

For them it is all about playing with words and situations, making mountains out of a molehill and earning their clients victory. But it is not just about fighting cases in the court but also about advising companies as to how they can operate their business in the present world, in accordance with certain laws, so that it can function efficiently.

Working on such a complicated field, troubles the law students with their assignments among all other activities in the course, which makes them turn for law assignment help.

For those who are interested in the field and ardent about working diligently to provide justice to people, this profession brings satisfaction. They try to ensure that along with getting justice, people also obey the laws listed in the constitution and thus engage themselves in even making people aware of these laws.

This awareness would help people counter any injustice rendered to them. Therefore let us first start by understanding the different types of laws, complications of which makes students go for law essay writing services or assignment help:

- Constitutional law: This contains the basic provisions mentioned in our Constitution and comes into play when these provisions are interfered with or the Fundamental Rights of people are abridged upon. The abridgement can take place by a person, a group of persons or even the State itself. 

- Civil law: These are cases which deal with crimes of less serious nature, mention of which is done in the Civil Procedure Code. It is also known as the law of torts. Here, focus is more on compensating the individuals or the aggrieved party rather than punishing the offender. These laws include cases of marriage, divorce, custody, defamation, vicarious liability, etc. 

- Criminal law: All these crime fiction shows vividly portray how this law functions therefore this is something people are most aware about. Here the focus is on punishing the offender since the crime is done against the society at large. Therefore rigorous punishment along with fines, is rendered upon the criminal, on the commission of grave offences. Murder, culpable homicide, theft, robbery, rape, all come in this category. 

- Contract law: The law of contract comes into play when a properly signed contract is breached by either of the two parties who have signed it.  

- Property law: Here issues related to property are dealt with. The property can be personal or even government property. 

Among all these, contract law is what we will be talking about. Now when we say contract, people assume that huge and complicated deals are signed and the contract is all about the business world.

But it is actually not the case. The law of contracts can find its function in the most mundane, daily activities. When you buy or sell a good, you engage in a contractual deal, giving and obtaining services can be a contractual deal and even the barter system forms a contractual deal.

Therefore contracts refer simply to offer services in exchange of the service you have received. For example, a tuition teacher teaches the students in exchange for the fee she receives. Then they can be as complex as engaging in a business consignment in return for a huge sum of money.

Therefore this is what the contract actually is. These contracts guarantee a proper functioning of society as without them the balance would have turned in favor of a single party while the other one would have suffered. 

Similar to contracts are the agreements. But it is to be noted that not all agreements are contracts; rather, all contracts are agreements. Once the agreement signed is in accordance with the provisions of the Indian Contract Act, 1872, then it becomes a contract and is legally binding.

Thus one the parties sign the agreement for a contract, they have to offer the decided services else the one faulting can be sued. Before signing of the contract, both the parties have the option whether to sign it or not, but once they sign it, it is assumed that they previously agreed and cannot back out. In cases of contract breaches there can be prolonged lawsuits. The Lemon Law Texas Firm has a record for resolving such difficult cases. 

Let us briefly understand certain points which are important to contract law and a must to understand if a student needs law assignment help:

- It is to be remembered that one cannot be punished if he or she does not wish to sign the contract, unlike the criminal laws. 

- Contracts cannot be signed with oneself.

- The terms and conditions of the contract must be practically possible. For example, if you are 80kgs today, and you sign a contract with your friend to lose 40kgs in a month in exchange of 10 lakh rupees, this is practically impossible, thus not a contract. 

- Contract is a legal agreement between two parties, therefore no third party intervention is entertained. At most a beneficiary to the contract may express concern over it, no one else.

- The agreement between parties should be clear to both the parties and the intention expressed should be understood equally by the parties.

- Both the parties should be capable of entering the contract. 

- The agreement should be a voluntary one without even a single sign of coercion.

- The purpose of the contract must be lawful.

- Such contracts must not be opposed to public order.

Thus these are a few basic points about contract law that could provide students with assignment help. Remember this is just 10% of what contract law is, thus there is more to study.

By shahbazahmed - May 31, 2021

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