All About Living in the City of Toronto

All About Living in the City of Toronto By Digital Solutions - August 19, 2021
Everything you need to know before moving to live in Toronto city

Living in Toronto, Canada

If this great city has ever called to you, you're not alone!  Toronto is a great hub for everyone from artists to entrepreneurs and everything in between.  Although getting to know the area before you move is important, many people are surprised at what they find.

These are the important things to know about living in Toronto and why it's an awesome town to get to know!

The Culture

There’s no one set culture when it comes to this city.  Many have joked that Toronto changes its identity every five to six years, and it’s true!  The identity switch is because of how adaptable and creative everyone in the city is.  Toronto is often called the most culturally diverse city on Earth, with over 250 ethnicities and  170 languages represented in this one hotspot.  This city will inspire you to learn and think more and get to know the locals and newcomers alike, making Toronto awesome.
Housing Costs
There’s no sugar coating it: Toronto is more expensive than most of Canada.  The average cost of real estate in Toronto comes out to over $800,000, which is an incredibly steep number, over $150,000 more than the national average.  Unfortunately for renters, the price is steep here too.  The average two-bedroom apartment is rentable for $1,400, which is a huge price to take on if you're used to the cheaper rent of smaller towns and cities.

The Entertainment

Entertainment and Toronto go hand in hand!  Visitors can enjoy the incredible constant live music shows that happen in the city, and those who live here claim that they've never seen another city with such astonishing music taste.  Although the music scene can be expensive to get into, with some concert tickets selling in the hundreds of dollars and selling out nearly immediately: it's worth it to get a unique taste of what's popular.

Toronto also has countless museums, art galleries, and exhibits that you can enjoy during the day.  Pop-up shops and live entertainment crowd the streets at night, and you won't want to look away for even a moment.

The Transit

If you're planning on moving to Toronto, the cost of getting around matters!  Unfortunately, the cost of car insurance and the price of a monthly public transit pass are nearly identical.  If you have to pay car payments, gasoline, and maintenance, the cost of driving yourself can skyrocket.  The public transit in Toronto is timely and highly rated, although it can take some getting used to if you're not from the area.

The Beaches!

Many are surprised when they hear about Toronto’s sandy beaches, but these are an awesome perk that you should check out if you're ever in the area.  The beaches are surrounded by a cute shopping district that leads right into white sand and bright and beautiful water.  If you didn't know how far inland you were, there's a chance you'd think you were staring at the ocean!  This is a fun quirk that many don't think about and can mean you can enjoy beach getaways without leaving the city.

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By Digital Solutions - August 19, 2021

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