Al Emadi Hospital introduces a comprehensive program for the management and treatment of Obesity

Al Emadi Hospital introduces a comprehensive program for the management and treatment of Obesity By Fathimath Nasli - January 08, 2024
Al Emadi Hospital introduces a comprehensive program for the management and treatment of obesity

Al Emadi Hospital

Al Emadi Hospital has introduced an extensive weight loss and anti-obesity program scheduled from January 6 to April 6. The initiative, named "Bigger by Smaller," focuses on stomach size reduction as the primary factor in obesity and offers specialized services to support individuals in achieving healthier lifestyles.

Dr. Mohammed Al-Emadi, Senior Consultant in Bariatric Surgery and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Al-Emadi Medical Group, highlighted the hospital's commitment to raising awareness about the dangers of obesity. He emphasized the severe medical implications of obesity, including its links to diseases such as diabetes and hypertension. Al Emadi Hospital is recognized for its comprehensive approach to obesity treatment in the State of Qatar.

The program aims to address the rising obesity rates by enhancing awareness, supporting preventive measures, and encouraging individuals to seek proper healthcare. Dr. Al-Emadi stressed the program's comprehensive nature, combining therapeutic nutrition, expertise in endocrine diseases, psychiatric support, physical therapy, and various interventions like gastric balloon insertion and obesity surgeries.

The hospital's significant role in combating obesity is evident through specialized clinics and successful surgeries. Dr. Al-Emadi emphasized the hospital's use of cutting-edge technologies in over 13,000 surgeries, resulting in a high success rate and rare complications. He highlighted the positive impacts of weight loss on various aspects of life, including disease prevention, improved quality of sleep, and enhanced mental well-being.

Dr. Al-Emadi explained the hospital's multidisciplinary approach, involving specialized consultants from different departments in evaluating patients and conducting comprehensive examinations before treatment. The hospital's focus on personalized plans aligns with the Department of Bariatric Surgery to effectively combat obesity.

Dr. Abdulelah Al-Adimi, Medical Director of Al-Emadi Hospital, highlighted the program's contribution to public health as part of the hospital's social responsibility. The campaign offers special offers and competitive prices for services like gastric balloon procedures, nutrition clinics, and free consultations in diabetes and endocrinology clinics.

The campaign also includes obesity surgeries with a package of services provided within the operation costs, covering nutritionist and doctor visits, visits to specialists, and membership at the BMI Fitness Health Club. Dr. Al-Adimi emphasized the hospital's leading role in various forms of bariatric surgery, achieving notable success in over 13,000 cases, establishing itself as a leader in the private sector for obesity treatment.

Source: The Peninsula

By Fathimath Nasli - January 08, 2024

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