Ajyal Film Festival to Display 12 Feature Films

Ajyal Film Festival to Display 12 Feature Films By Harshita Kaur - September 26, 2022
Ajyal Film Festival to Display 12 Feature Films

Ajyal Film Festival to Display 12 Feature Films

The Ajyal Film Festival, in its tenth session for the year 2022, during the period from 1-8 next October, will show 12 feature films, as part of the festivals activities, including films by promising and prominent directors that have won many awards, after being evaluated by about 600 Ajyal judges.

The festival's feature films will deal with a variety of topics including: dealing with grief, mental health, a light comedy about fraternal affection, and how millennials cope with the pressures of social media.

Feature films will be shown along with 26 short films for the judgement in three age groups: Mohaq or new moon (8-12 years old), Hilal or crescent (13-17 years old), and Badr or full moon (18-25 years old). The judges will watch and discuss the films with their counterparts from different countries. around the world, and evaluate the films to select the winners of the festival awards.

In this context, Fatma Hassan Al Remaihi, CEO of the Doha Film Institute and Director of the Festival, said in a statement today: The feature films in this cycle address inspiring stories of interdependence, optimism and the human spirit to overcome barriers through the use of creative, impactful narratives, characterized by bold themes that resonate with young people around the world. She explained that many films were made by young people who face challenges around them in a world full of complex issues, and these issues were dealt with carefully to continue to convey messages of hope and positivity and inspire young people to build important relationships, and gain a deeper understanding of common human experiences in this world.

Mohaqs list includes the feature films: "Dunia and the Princess of Aleppo" (Canada, France / 2022) directed by Maria Zarif and Andre Kadi, "Apple Day" (Iran / Turkey / 2022) directed by Mahmoud Al Ghafari and "The Great Man" (Netherlands). Germany / 2022) directed by Camille Choenaar and / The Dragon Princess / (France / 2022) directed by Jean-Jacques Denis and Anthony Roux.

The feature films in the Hilal category are After Yang (USA / 2022), a science fiction drama written, directed and edited by Kogonada, "Queen of Comedy" (Sweden / 2021) directed by Sana Linken, and "The Region" (Brazil, Denmark, USA). USA / 2022) directed by Alex Pritz. Director Ali Asgari is also presenting his second Doha Film Institute-supported feature film entitled "Until Tomorrow" (Iran / France / Qatar / 2022).

The feature films in the Badr category are "Our Brothers" (France / 2022) directed by Rachid Bouchareb, nominated for three Oscars, and "Kashkish" without the feathers, we cannot live (Qatar / Lebanon / Germany / 2022) directed by Lea Najjar, a film supported by the Doha Film Institute and / My Sister Liv / (Australia / USA / 2022) a feature-length documentary directed by Alan Hicks and / Excavations (Spain / Qatar / Jordan / 2022) directed by Alex Sarda.

The tenth and special session of the Ajyal Film Festival is a tribute to the homeland in a historic year that is an exceptional station for Qatar and the Arab world, and a shining example of the ability of ambition, dedication and commitment to succeed in transforming the dream into reality.

Source: QNA

By Harshita Kaur - September 26, 2022

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