AirDrop Any All Files from iPhone to Windows 10

AirDrop Any All Files from iPhone to  Windows 10 By Shahbaz Ahmed - April 27, 2024


AirDrop is a convenient way to quickly share files between iOS devices. For example, it can easily airdrop iPhone photos to another iPhone/iPad/Macbook. What if you are a Windows PC users Can you also use AirDrop to transfer photos and other files between different devices In the following article, I will tell you the answer to this question and provide a solution.

Can You Airdrop Data from iPhone to Windows 10?

AirDrop is an Apple-exclusive feature, you cannot directly AirDrop files from iPhone to Windows 10 PC. In fact, in addition to wireless transmission methods such as AirDrop, you can also choose to use a USB cable to efficiently transfer files between iPhone and Windows 10 PC.

So what are the advantages of using USB cable to transfer data?

Faster transfer speed. You can transfer large amounts of files in a short time.

The transmission process is more stable. Transmission over data lines is done through a physical connection, and is not affected by network signal strength or interference.

No data will be leaked. There is no need to connect to any network, ensuring that you can complete the transfer locally without losing or leaking data.

Charging function. Connect your iPhone to your computer and charge it while transferring files without reducing the device's power.

FoneTool: AirDrop Any/All Files from iPhone to PC Efficiently

When it comes to using a data cable to connect iPhone and Windows to transfer files, I have to mention FoneTool. FoneTool is a professional and freeware phone tool and the best iPhone data processing tool I have encountered so far. It allows users to transfer any or all files from iPhone to Windows 10 PC, enabling the convenience of cross-platform file sharing.

 Here are the reasons why I choose to use FoneTool to transfer data:

 Easy to use. It is designed with user-friendly interface, I can transfer my iPhone files with simple clicks. 

Super-fast transfer speed. I moved 300 photos and it only takes my seconds.

Support multiple file types. FoneTool allows to transfer photos, music, videos, contacts and so on from iPhone to PC or PC to iPhone.

 Preview and selectively transfer. I can view all my iPhone files on my Windows, and choose which I need to transfer.


No data loss. FoneTool offers 100% successful transfer proceed and there is no files will be lost. 

One click transfer. I can also transfer everything from iPhone to iPhone with a few simple clicks.

Wide compatibility. FoneTool supports all models of iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, and the latest iOS version.

Steps to AirDrop iPhone Files to Windows with FoneTool

Whether you plan to transfer any picture or all of your photos on your iPhone, now, you can follow the below steps to use FoneTool to Airdrop from iPhone to Windows 10. And these steps also suitable for sending iPhone files to Windows 11.


Step 1. Install and open FoneTool > Connect your iPhone and your computer with a USB cable. 

Step 2. Tap Phone Transfer on the left panel > Choose iPhone to PC > Then click Start Transfer.

Step 3. Tap the blue folder icon to add files > For example, you can click the Photos icon to preview and choose any photo you need to airdrop. If you’d better to export all pictures, check Select All > Click OK to continue.

Step 4. Then tap Transfer Settings to set a destination to save your photos > Click Start Transfer.

In addition to transferring iPhone to Windows 10, FoneTool also can help you backup iPhone to external hard drive Windows. You can choose to selectively backup iPhone files, including photos, music, contacts, videos, messages, etc., or fully backup all iPhone data to your computer and restore it easily.

After you finish the backup, you can go to Backup History > Click Restore to restore your data to other devices.



Although AirDrop does not support us to airdrop files directly from iPhone to Windows 10 PC, we can also use a USB cable to transfer files. Especially when there is no stable or good network environment, wired transmission can better meet our needs. Powerful third-party software like FoneTool can help achieve the same convenience, and efficiency to quickly transfer any or all files from iPhone to Windows 10 PC. It would be a good choice for iOS file transfer!


By Shahbaz Ahmed - April 27, 2024
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