Ageing Gracefully Healthful Lifestyle

Ageing Gracefully Healthful Lifestyle By mola - April 13, 2023
Ageing Gracefully Healthful Lifestyle

Ageing Gracefully Healthful Lifestyle

A lot of people resent the term ‘ageing gracefully’ because it implies that you can’t let your thinning hair down and have fun now and again. You absolutely can. However, as we get older, there are certain things that we cannot do quite so well, for example, recovering from a hangover. That said, there is much that we can do to promote a happy, healthful, and fulfilling lifestyle. Tired of having no energy? Feeling your mortality creeping up on you and don’t like the way it feels? Give this article a read and we’ll share some healthful lifestyle tips for expat retirees in Thailand.


Limit your alcohol intake

Yes, sitting in a beach bar in Thailand and sinking some beers in the sunshine is a great way to while away the days of retirement, however, it shouldn’t be your #1 priority. Cut down on the binge drinking and limit yourself to a glass of wine or two with dinner. Or better yet, wait until the weekends.


Sure, retirement is supposed to be fun, but if you want more energy and to make your retirement last as long as possible, you’ll need to be mindful of what you put in your body.


Get a hobby

The worst thing that anyone can do when they retire is stop moving entirely. For the majority of your life you’ve been working 5-6-days a week and as tiresome and monotonous as that may have been for you, sitting down and doing nothing with your time is a sure-fire way to waste away.


Thailand is packed with opportunities: go hiking, take up snorkelling, enjoy a daily walk on the beach, play golf, join a pool club, go to a pub quiz once a week, start painting, write a book about your life, do anything – as long as it keeps your mind occupied.


Eat well

Eating healthily in Thailand is practically effortless and the best part? It’s all delicious. Can’t cook? It’s never too late to start. Why not take part in a Thai cooking class and start learning the basics? Having unlimited access to fresh produce for pocket change is not to be snubbed at!


Join a gym

Ever wanted to learn Thai kickboxing? Try your hand at callisthenics? Or simply pump out 30-minutes on the rowing machine followed by some meditation in the steam room? Join a gym! Thailand has so much opportunity to get fit and stay healthy and it’s the perfect way to spend your twilight years.


Go for regular health check-ups

Don’t ignore those aches and pains. Get some decent expat health or travel insurance and regularly visit the doctor to ensure that you are in tip top condition. Never be afraid to put your health first. It’s better to know sooner rather than later.


Sleep well

Wake up early and seize the day by all means, but make sure that you are getting plenty of sleep. Eating well and exercising will be a great way to ensure that you are sleeping enough – and easily.


Choose your forever home well

Think carefully about where you choose to live and what type of property you want to grow old in. Do you fancy tackling two flights of stairs when you’re 90? If not, search DDproperty for single storey houses and save yourself the nightmare.


Maintain balance

Remember, life is all about finding the right balance. Too many retirees make the mistake of relaxing a little too much – while overindulging with alcohol and junk food. Yes, you’ve worked hard and earned a break, but don’t mistake proper self-care for ‘work’.


By mola - April 13, 2023
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