AFC Asian Cup Qatar 2023: Wonderful Tournament Opening Under "Hayya Asia" Slogan

AFC Asian Cup Qatar 2023: Wonderful Tournament Opening Under "Hayya Asia" Slogan By A Robin - January 14, 2024
AFC Asian Cup Qatar 2023

AFC Asian Cup Qatar 2023

Just before the kick off of the eighteenth edition of the AFC Asian Cup Qatar 2023, the roads leading to Lusail Stadium were filled with a large crowd of passionate and cheerful Asian football fans in anticipation of the first whistle of the continental tournament opening, and the match between Qatar, title defender and host and Lebanon.

The Qatari fans had made all arrangements to support the defending champions, private cars and buses were decorated in burgundy colors and pictures of the players, and giant Qatari flags were raised.

Fans of different nationalities also traveled to Lusail by metro and buses, whereas others fans chose to go in their cars.

As soon as the fans reached the outskirts of Lusail Stadium, celebration started in the fan zone decorated with the slogan "Hayya Asia,"and filled with Asian fans who raised the challenge of supporting their teams with all their might.

The Qatari parade, folklore, and popular bands were heavily present to introduce the Qatari heritage, the fan zone was buzzing with the interaction of the fan associations of the Asian and Arab teams, and the family of the tournament mascots (Sbouq, Freiha, Tembaki, Trina and Zekreti) were equally present in some areas. The mascot family marked its return 12 years after their first appearance in the 2011 Asian tournament (the second edition hosted by Doha).

In addition, the folkloric dance groups of the Asian communities drew the attention of the audience amidst a festivity atmosphere reflecting a rich heritage and drawing a stunning image in a well organized manner.

The Qatari fans showed great passion in being present in the outer vicinity of Lusail Stadium, displaying their traditions, and contributing to this Asian carnival, in addition to great efforts made by some fan associations of the participating Asian teams, whether outside or inside the stadium.

Inside Lusail Stadium, the fans were quick to take their places in the stands about two hours before the game, and everyone awaited the opening ceremony with which they interacted, in light of the expressive scenes that whether as visual shows, games or simulations of Qatari, Arab and Asian history in all languages, not to mention the scenes supporting the Palestinian people, a message of love to all the peoples of the continent, and for peace to prevail worldwide.

For their part, the Qatari fans sought to show their passion and support for their team, and wanted to send a special message of encouragement to the players to appear at their best in defending the reputation of Qatari football.

In the same context, the Qatari National Team Fans Association, under the title "Al Annabi Stand," was heavily present with non- stopping chants and supportive songs, and all members of the Association were keen to wear the Qatari national team shirt and shawls to motivate the team.

As for the Lebanese fans, they were keen to come early to the Lusail Stadium, and began cheering hours before the starting whistle in support of their country's national team. They raised flags, wore their national team shirts and chanted in support of the players.

A number of Qatari fans expressed their delight and pride to witness the grand opening of the Lusail Stadium today and the positive messages that this ceremony has conveyed to the peoples of the Asian continent, dedicating the message of peace and love to all humanity.

Many of these fans expressed their confidence in the national team's ability to compete for the title, and to go far in the tournament.

Additionally, several Arab and Asian spectators stressed that Qatar provided a great example at the opening ceremony by blending Asian cultures, and spreading its message across the continent by welcoming everyone.


By A Robin - January 14, 2024

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