AFC Asian Cup Qatar 2023 mascots unveiled

AFC Asian Cup Qatar 2023 mascots unveiled By A Robin - December 04, 2023
Asian Cup mascots

Asian Cup mascots

The official mascots of the Asian Cup Qatar 2023, a family of five desert rodents named Saboog, Tmbki, Freha, Zkriti, and Traeneh, were initially introduced in 2011 and are set to once again take center stage at the prestigious football tournament. The characters, created by Qatari artist Ahmed Al Maadheed, were unveiled at a special ceremony in Doha, marking their return for the upcoming edition of the AFC Asian Cup.

Hassan Al Kuwari, the Marketing and Communications Executive Director of the AFC Asian Cup Qatar 2023 Local Organizing Committee (LOC), sees the mascots' reappearance as a testament to Qatar's longstanding commitment to hosting major sporting events. He emphasized the significance of these characters, crafted by Al Maadheed, as a means of showcasing Qatar's natural environment and cultural heritage to a global audience.

The family of jerboas, with each member possessing distinct characteristics, aims to symbolize teamwork in football and the importance of family life in Qatari society. The jerboas, inspired by Qatar's rich ecological heritage, have been brought to life through an anime-inspired animation produced by Katara Studios. The animation, directed by Fahad Al Kuwari, features a song performed by Qatari artist Dana Al Meer and Tarek Al Arabi Tourgane, adding a nostalgic touch reminiscent of classic cartoons.

As the tournament unfolds between January 12 and February 10, 2024, audiences can expect to enjoy the animated works portraying the growth and maturity of the mascots since their debut in 2011. Saboog, the blue son, Freha, the pink eldest daughter, Tmbiki, the yellow younger son, and the parents Zikriti and Traeneh, green and purple respectively, represent various regions of Qatar and its cultural diversity.

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By A Robin - December 04, 2023

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