A brief introduction to Executive Assistant Training Programs and Requirements

A brief introduction to Executive Assistant Training Programs and Requirements By Daniel Clark - April 14, 2018
A brief introduction to Executive Assistant Training Programs and Requirements

A brief introduction to Executive Assistant Training Programs and Requirements

Who is an Executive Assistant?

All the corporations and companies that are working currently have some common levels of works. They have different branches and teams handling different work. And then they have executives of higher officials who deal with high end clients and in the policy making process of the company. An important part of these levels and sub divisions is the position of an executive assistant.

Executive assistants are the people who provide administrative support to the high-level officials and executives of a company. They are known for their job assistance in the form of clerical work and also for helping the executives and junior members of the company in market research, training and preparation of meeting schedules, and other complex file handling responsibilities. Among the candidates opting for executive assistant training in Amsterdam, a major fraction is coming from Qatar. So the question that follows this observation is what are the different levels of the training program and why people are moving to Amsterdam from Qatar for training.

Different certificate levels of training program

The training program designed for people aspiring to improve their job performance as an executive assistant includes various levels of certifications.

Administrative Assistant Certificate: There are some short term and various yearlong training certification programs for highly dedicated and motivated administrative assistants. The course covers topics like standard office procedures, work processing, database management, customer service interpersonal relations, reports preparation, and basic accounting. This training generally prepares the trainee for entre-level administrative assistant positions and job vacancies.

Associated of Applied Science Degree in Business Administrative technology: This training program is long term than the certification programs as this grants the candidates with a degree in business administrative technology at the successful completion of the program. The coursework of the program is thus more advanced too as compared to the certification course and includes topics like principles of accounting, business mathematics, desktop publishing, business communication, office systems management, microcomputer spreadsheets, etc. With a general duration of 2 years, this course prepares the candidates completely by developing their organizational skills along with their communication and research skills. Business writing and communication are also emphasized in the course tenure to prepare the candidates in a holistic approach. A real world exposure is obtained by the candidates in the form of an internship program.

Additional courses and educational support:The candidates aspiring for a career as an executive assistant and has completed the degree courses can opt for either of the two options listed by the International Association of Administrative Professions (IAAP). Upon earning a CPS/CPA (certified administrative professional) credential- the certificate training program- the candidates is required to pass an examination which tests the candidates’ knowledge on office technology, systems, administration and management.

It has been observed that the applicants who completed the executive administrative training in Amsterdam, instead of in Qatar, got placed with higher salaries and higher positions. A degree and job experience of abroad helps the job seeker land at higher jobs.


By Daniel Clark - April 14, 2018

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