Profession change on Qatar Resident Permit and checking the status

Profession change on Qatar Resident Permit and checking the status By Ruchi singh - June 21, 2021
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In Qatar all working expats needs to possess a valid residence permit that should clearly include their profession. Many expats faces issues with their profession wrongly mentioned in their Qatar’s resident permit. This can effect them in many ways like in obtaining privileges from official institutions and banks, visa on arrival, hassles in arranging family visa. 


For correcting the profession on the residence permit the below steps needs to be followed

1. ) Visit MoI’s official website, “”.

2. ) Down the form, “Application for Modifying Residents’ Details” from link

3. ) Fill the form with the correct information and mention new and past profession clearly including the sponsor information.

4. ) Sign it and get it stamped and signed from your company’s authorized person.

5. ) After completing the form, submit the form with all the needed documents including your passport and Qatar ID to the Labour department for verification and approval.

6. ) Once the process is over and approval is done new residence permit will be issued with passport now reflecting the new profession.

Want to Change Your Profession or Job Title in Qatar ID?

Documents needed

1.  Copy of new employment contract

2. Copy of old employment contract

3. 6 months bank statements

4. ID Copy

5. Passport copy

6. Company computer copy

7. Company Current Labour Copy

8. Copy of sponsor’s ID card

9. Application for Profession change- signed and sealed by your company

Tracking the status

For tracking the status of your residence permit you can visit

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By Ruchi singh - June 21, 2021

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