Former Deputy Speaker of Shura Council Stresses Amir's Keenness on Promoting Popular Participation

Former Deputy Speaker of Shura Council Stresses Amir's Keenness on Promoting Popular Participation By Qatar Day - August 19, 2021

HE former Deputy Speaker of the Shura Council Issa Rabea Al Rabea Al Kuwari


HE former Deputy Speaker of the Shura Council Issa Rabea Al Rabea Al Kuwari underlined the keenness of HH the Amir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani on promoting the popular participation through an elected Shura Council that expresses the will of the people and serves as a link between the people and members of the government.

In an exclusive interview with Qatar News Agency (QNA), HE Al Kuwari said that HH the Amir is always keen on holding the "people's session" and meeting the people of opinion to listen to their aspirations, requests and suggestions.

He added that the elected Shura Council will open a new era in the history of the Council, and will work to achieve the goals and objectives through the implementation of plans and the enactment of laws and legislation that contribute to pushing forward the renaissance and sustainable development and meeting the aspirations of all members of the society.

HE Al Kuwari believed that the national unity is one of the most important priorities of the State, especially for HH the Amir, stressing that if these elections caused divisions and destabilized the national unity, HH the Amir will take the appropriate decision.

He reiterated that the solidarity and cohesion among members of society, as well as among members of the Shura Council will make the electoral process a successful achievement that reflects the development and awareness of Qatari society.

Answering a question about the legal conditions that must be met by a candidate for the Shura Council elections and the criteria that each candidate should meet, based on his experience and long expertise in the legislative work, HE the former Deputy Speaker of the Shura Council indicated that the election law stipulated the conditions that must be met by the candidate, including age, good conduct and being recognized for their honesty, integrity and good character. The candidate must also have sufficient knowledge of the Qatari constitution and the obligations and duties it contains of the three authorities in the State; and a knowledge of the Councils competencies and limits and the legal means owned by the members. The candidates' ultimate goal must be the public interest and the upholding of the values of the society.

Meanwhile, HE Al Kuwari underlined that the candidate must know the peoples desires and concerns and the things they aspire to change, and to have a major role in preparing an electoral program that he can translate on the ground, and to stay away from difficult promises in order to be able to convince the voters, stressing the significant role of the electoral programs as the most important means to convince the voters.

HE Al Kuwari added that the elected member of the Shura Council should always bear in mind that when he decided to engage in public work and was nominated for membership in the Shura Council, he became a servant to his country, his people and all whoever resides on this good land, emphasizing that membership of the Shura Council is a mandate and not an honor, and he must he must work hard on the advancement and development of his country and the comfort and well-being of his people and everyone who resides on the land of Qatar. If he fails to do so, he will be publicly held accountable by those who brought him to the Council.

He underlined that upcoming legislative elections are a manifestation of transparency and social justice pursued by the State of Qatar in various fields, and come to consolidate this comprehensive approach in managing public life.

HE noted the interest and enthusiasm of the society to engage in this legislative experience during the past few months, and the efforts of various state institutions to spread awareness of the important role of the elected Shura Council by organizing seminars and simulating council sessions and others.

HE Al Kuwari underlined that the electoral awareness is a national responsibility reflected in understanding the election law, the integrity of the selection by voting for the qualified candidate away from compliments, and the keenness of the elected Shura member to serve the citizen away from personal interests.

In conclusion, HE the former Deputy Speaker of the Shura Council underlined that the Qatari society is based on well-established traditions of fair and rational governance that is linked to the people by allegiance, loyalty relations, mutual trust and direct communication between the leadership and the community, expressing confidence that the wise leadership relies on the awareness of society to confront any baseless and unfounded interpretations. The Qatari society enjoys strong relationship with the wise leadership, and is well-known for its interdependence, intermingling, and its strong national cohesion under one banner, which is Qatar. (QNA)

By Qatar Day - August 19, 2021

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