8th Local Dates Festival in Souq Waqif sees sales of 220 tonnes

8th Local Dates Festival in Souq Waqif sees sales of 220 tonnes By A Robin - August 08, 2023
Dates Festival

Dates Festival

The ten-day 8th Local Dates Festival, organised by the Agricultural Affairs Department at the Ministry of Municipality and Souq Waqif, concluded its activities after seeing the participation of 100 local dates production farms and three fruit production farms.

The sales of dates reached 219,760kg of all varieties offered at the festival, which was visited by nearly 40,000 citizens, residents, and tourists. The value of dates sold at the festival reached around QR2mn.

The total quantity of sold fruits reached 1,203kg, including 855kg of figs, 318kg of almonds, and 30kg of pomegranates.

Sales of fresh dates increased in the eighth edition of the festival by nearly 13 percent compared to the seventh edition, during which 195 tonnes were sold within 13 days, three days more than the eighth edition of the festival. Thus, the rate of increase compared to the period is estimated at around 33 percent.

The Dates Festival is a significant event in Doha that showcases the cultural, heritage, and economic importance of dates in Qatar. It is also an opportunity for visitors to learn about the various popular date varieties grown in the country.

The festival also aims to promote registered farm owners to find an outlet to display and market their date products, while also developing effective marketing strategies. It serves as a platform for educating citizens, residents, and tourists about local date production and the different varieties available. Given the significant role palm trees play in Qatari heritage and society, the festival aims to highlight their importance.

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By A Robin - August 08, 2023

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