7 years jail for certificate fraud in Kuwait

7 years jail for certificate fraud in Kuwait By A Robin - May 28, 2024
Fake certificate

Fake certificate

Kuwait is intensifying its efforts to combat certificate fraud, imposing severe penalties on offenders.

According to a government source, the crackdown is a top priority, targeting employees who fail to adhere to certificate verification procedures.

The campaign has identified three primary charges for those implicated in certificate falsification: Misappropriation of public funds, forgery, and fraud for illicit gains and privileges. Violators face up to seven years in prison, along with being required to reimburse twice the amount of any unlawfully obtained salaries and bonuses.

This stringent action comes in response to the discovery that numerous employees, when requested to submit their certificates for auditing, opted for retirement instead.

This development has raised suspicions, prompting further investigations.

Individuals withholding their certificates under various excuses now face imminent legal consequences, including potential salary suspensions.

To bolster enforcement measures, Kuwaiti authorities are enhancing detection methods. This involves collaboration with cultural offices and foreign universities to authenticate certificates, particularly those issued abroad. Modern technology, such as barcode systems on certificates, facilitates easier authentication of newer documents.

By A Robin - May 28, 2024

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