6 Home Remedies you can use to get Rid of Bed Bugs

6 Home Remedies you can use to get Rid of Bed Bugs By Qatar Day - November 17, 2021
6 Home Remedies you can use to get Rid of Bed Bugs

6 Home Remedies you can use to get Rid of Bed Bugs

There many ways to get rid of bed bugs but the most effective one is to call a bed bug exterminator. Even when you do call a professional, it is not possible for them to immediately come to your rescue. To control the situation immediately, you can use a few home remedies till an exterminator comes to your aid. To help you get familiar with some of these remedies, we have compiled the list below. Implementing these will provide some relief if you have a bed bug infestation.

1. Baking Soda : All specialists will agree that baking soda is highly effective as a home remedy to rectify a bed bug infestation. If you are not aware then baking soda can be easily found in any local grocery store near your house. Apply it on all the places where you think bed bugs might have infested. Then let the baking soda sit for a week or so. After the time duration has passed, vacuum the area you applied baking soda on. Also, you can repeat this process multiple times to get a better effect. This way baking soda will dry out all the bugs by sucking all the moisture and will kill them this way.

2. Tea Tree Oil : Tea Tree oil is an effective home remedy against bed bugs because it is antifungal, antibiotic and a well known antiseptic. It can kill all kinds of bacterial, fungal and even viral infections. You can also use this to kill insects like bed bugs because it has properties that kills and suppresses the growth of bed bugs. A minor bed bug infestation could be taken care of easily by using tea tree oil on the effective places.

3. Silica Gels : Silica gel packets usually come with many products like clothes, plastic containers etc. They are used to ensure dryness and therefore are an excellent dehydrator that absorbs moisture. Take the silica gel and spread them to the affected areas after grounding them all up. Be careful while handling silica gel if you have kids or pets because it is harmful when you consume or inhale them.  

4.  A homemade Spice Mixture : A well known homemade mixture includes cayenne pepper, ginger and oregano to repel bed bugs away. All these spices have a strong smell that is offensive to bed bugs. This potent mixture can control bed bugs to a great extent. You will need the following to make the mixture.
- Cayenne Pepper (1 tsp)
- Ginger that is grated finely (1 tsp)
- Oregano grounded or as an essential oil (1 tsp)
- Water (1 cup)
Mix all the ingredients above and boil it for about seven minutes. Strain the whole thing and put it in a spray bottle.

5. Peppermint Leaves : Peppermint leaves can be an effective tool against bed bugs because it too has a strong smell that can repel bed bugs away. Crush the leaves after drying them and spread them around all the area that is infested. You can also replace the leaves when they lose their potency. You can also use peppermint oil in a spray bottle instead of leaves to repel the bugs away. 

6. Black Walnut Tea : Similar to tea tree oil, black walnut tea too is an antibacterial, antifungal and insecticidal repellent that is effective against bed bugs. You can use tea bags in all the corners or places where there might be a bed bug infestation. This way you will be able to stop the growth by eliminating not only the bugs but also the eggs that they have laid.

So, the above were some home remedies that can help you stop a small scale bed bug infestation. Also, we hope this article will help if you are facing any problems related to a bed bug infestation in your home.

By Qatar Day - November 17, 2021

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