5 Nature Reserves of Qatar

5 Nature Reserves of Qatar By Akanksha Mudgal - August 10, 2022
5 Nature Reserves of Qatar

Here are 5 Nature Reserves of Qatar!

The vision for Qatar's environment focuses on sustaining wildlife that is preserved and developed by a sensitive society in order to ensure a better future for the following generations. The State of Qatar has paid special attention to wildlife preservation and development in order to prevent extinction.

Al Masshabiya Reserve

Al Masshabiya reserve, which was officially inaugurated in 1997 and covers around 54 square kilometres, is located in southwest Qatar, to the southeast of Abu Samara town. The reserve was established to rehabilitate Arabian Oryx (Al Wodhaihi), gazelle, and other endangered species in Qatar.

Qatar e-Nature – Nature reserves – Al Mashabiya Reserve

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Al Reem Reserve

The Al Reem reserve is located on the western coast of Qatar, 65 kilometres northwest of Doha. The reserve, which includes lush vegetation, is designated by UNESCO's Man and the Biosphere Program. Brouq is regarded as one of the best areas for reintroducing wild animals such as gazelles and ostriches.

Al-Reem Biosphere Reserve, Qatar

Image Source: UNESCO

Khor Al Adaid

Khor Al Adaid, popularly known as the "Inland Sea," was established as a natural reserve in 2007. Khor Al Adaid is located in the southernmost region of Qatar and has an area of around 1833 square kilometres. It is regarded to be one of the most significant locations for mammals.

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Al Rafa Reserve

The Al Rafa reserve is close to the areas of Al Rayyan and Al Wajba. It is classified as highland because it is higher in elevation than the surrounding area. It is distinguished from other reserves by the presence of wild vegetation.

Image Source: Qatar e-Nature

Irkaya Reserve

Irkaya Farm is situated in the south-central plain of Qatar, near Abu Samra Road. Irkaya sits in the middle of the desert like a bright emerald. Many permanent species live there, and it is in the flight path of migratory birds and insects passing through Qatar. The absence of grazing animals benefits all native plant species at Irkaya.

Photo 1687-26: Habitat of aquatic plant Brittle naiad (Najas...of Irkhaya ( Irkaya) Farms. Qatar

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The nature reserves in Qatar are beautiful and pleasing to the eyes. Will you visit these reserves with your family and friends?

Source: Qatar e-Nature

By Akanksha Mudgal - August 10, 2022

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