30 Common Words That Start with Z You Will Be Interested to Know

30 Common Words That Start with Z You Will Be Interested to Know By Shahbaz Ahmed - August 04, 2021
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Common Words That Start with Z

Greetings all zippy people! Welcome to our zappy list of words that start with Z. Although we all know that Z is the very last letter of the alphabet, and it is not commonly used or even seen in daily life, you can not simply neglect it. Because every letter has its own role and there are definitely some words beginning with Z that can be useful and impressive.

As you can expect, this list of words that start with Z won’t be a long one, and to help you learn these Z words more easily, we divided them into 3 different categories, aiming to cover the most useful ones and avoid those really rare ones.

Adjectives That Start with Z

  1. Zany

Definition: strange, surprising, or uncontrolled in a humorous way

Example: He was responsible for the zany Sesame Street puppet characters loved by children worldwide.

  1. Zealous

Definition: enthusiastic and eager

Example: He is a zealous supporter of the government's policies.

  1. Zero

Definition: no or none; used to emphasize that something does not exist

Example: There's still zero evidence that she was directly involved in the decision

  1. Zestful

Definition: full of energy and enthusiasm

Example: Her zestful performance made the film very successful.

  1. Zesty

Definition: full of energy and enthusiasm

Example: He is a zesty musician.

  1. Zippy

Definition: energetic or fast

Example: It was a zippy performance.

  1. Zaftig

Definition: someone who is (especially a woman) exceptionally full and round-figured

Example: Her beauty is so zaftig that no one can take his eyes off her.

  1. Zen

Definition: relaxed and not worrying about things that you cannot change

Example: Don't worry about doing the right thing with your baby - be more zen about it and you'll be happier.

  1. Zoological

Definition: a place that is related to the study of animal or experiments on animals

Example: The zoological park in our town is crowded on the weekends.

  1. Zodiacal

Definition: relating to an area of the sky through which the sun, moon, and most of the planets appear to move, divided into twelve equal parts, each with a name and symbol, and each connected with an exact time of year

Example: She was born under the zodiacal sign of Cancer.

Verbs That Start with Z

  1. Zest

Definition: scrape off the outer colored part of the peel of (a piece of citrus fruit) for use as flavoring

Example: Zest the orange and lemon, taking care to discard all of the white pith

  1. Zigzag

Definition: to make a movement or shape like a zigzag

Example: The road zigzags along a rocky coastline.

  1. Zip

Definition: to move or go somewhere very quickly

Example: I'm just going to zip over to the shops - I won't be long.

  1. Zone

Definition: to give a special purpose to a particular area, such as an area in a town

Example: The former dockyard in Henan China has been zoned for industrial use.

  1. Zap

Definition: to get rid of or kill something or someone, especially intentionally

Example: They have the kind of weapons that can zap the enemy from thousands of miles away.

  1. Zoom

Definition: to move very quickly

Example: In the last few metres of the race, she suddenly zoomed ahead.

  1. Zing

Definition: move rapidly, making a high-pitched ringing or whining noise

Example: Another bullet zinged past him.

  1. Zincify

Definition: to treat or coat with zinc

Example: Turbine’s surface was zincified.

  1. Zipper

Definition: fasten or provide with a zipper

Example: He zippered up his suit very tight.

  1. Zot

Definition: to strike someone or something with one’s fist

Example: The bouncer zotted the unruly patron on the side of the head.

Nouns That Start with Z

  1. Zeal

Definition: great enthusiasm or eagerness

Example: In his zeal to get his work finished on time, he made a lot of mistakes.

  1. Zebra

Definition: an African wild animal that looks like a horse, with black or brown and white lines on its body

Example: Zebras usually live on African grassland.

  1. Zillion

Definition: an extremely large, but not an exact, number

Example: There were zillions of people to help you, all the time.

  1. Zest

Definition: enthusiasm, eagerness, energy, and interest

Example: It's wonderful to see the children's zest for life.

  1. Zinc

Definition: a chemical element that is a bluish-white metal, used in making other metals or for covering other metals to protect them

Example: Copper and zinc are fused to make brass.

  1. Zing

Definition: a quality that makes something interesting or exciting; enthusiasm or energy

Example: We want to put more zing into our advertising.

  1. Zipper

Definition: a device consisting of two rows of metal or plastic teeth-like parts that are brought together by pulling a small sliding piece over them, used for closing openings in clothing, bags, etc.

Example: I can't open my bag - the zipper is stuck.

  1. Zodiac

Definition: pattern of constellations said to reveal the future

Example: The whole subject of the history of the zodiac is very obscure.

  1. Zone

Definition: an area, especially one that is different from the areas around it because it has different characteristics or is used for different purposes

Example: This stretch of coast has been designated a danger zone.

  1. Zoo

Definition: an area in which animals, especially wild animals, are kept so that people can go and look at them or study them

Example: How about a trip to the zoo this afternoon?

For whatever reason you were looking for words that start with Z, whether to enhance your vocabulary, write a social post, play a game describe a person, report an event, or simply curious how many words beginning with Z there are or you know, we hope this article satisfied your need.

If think we miss any important words that start with Z, we’ll appreciate that you’ll let us know about it in the comment section. And you are strongly advised to share these Z words to your friends, team or anybody who is learning English.

By Shahbaz Ahmed - August 04, 2021

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