3,707 new job applications in December: MoL

3,707 new job applications in December: MoL By A Robin - January 04, 2024
Work Permits

Work Permits

The Department of Work Permits of the Ministry of Labour (MoL) received around 27,020 requests, including 3,707 applications for new hires,in December 2023.

According to the monthly statistical bulletin, the new requests include 19,102 for regular work permits (to extend personal numbers), and 975 for private work permits (related to family sponsorship, Gulf citizens, investors, or property usufruct), in addition to 3,236 requests to change professions.

Regarding the inspection of labour recruitment agencies, the ministry conducted around 67 checks, with 66 concluding without any notes or warnings to rectify infractions.

Meanwhile, the Department of Labour Inspection embarked on intensive surveillance campaigns throughout December to ensure establishments’ adherence to national labour market regulations and ministerial directives.

The efforts encompassed 5,064 inspections across various areas, leading to 608 companies being notified to correct violations and 765 reports of enforcement actions against companies.

With regard to labour complaints, the statistical bulletin showed that the Department of Labour Disputes received about 1, 880 complaints, of which 292were settled, 52 of which were referred to the Labour Disputes Settlement Committees, and the Labour Disputes Department received 96 reports from the public, all of which were settled.

According to the bulletin regarding the labour dispute settlement committees, the number of cases referred to the dispute settlement committees during the past month reached about 234, and the total number of decisions issued by the labour dispute settlement committees amounted to 434 decisions.

Regarding employment contracts, the statistical bulletin showed that the Department of Labour Relations received around 58,572 applications for ratification of employment contracts, while the number of requests for secondment of labour stood at 5,639.

By A Robin - January 04, 2024

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