2025 ITTF Worlds will be hosted in Doha.

2025 ITTF Worlds will be hosted in Doha. By Ranya Hadji - December 07, 2022
2025 ITTF Worlds will be hosted in Doha.

ITTF summit in Amman

According to a vote yesterday at the Annual General Meeting held during the ITTF summit in Amman, Jordan, Member Associations decided that the 2025 ITTF World Table Tennis Championships Finals would be held in Doha, Qatar. 
Doha received 57 votes, compared to 39 for Alicante, Spain, the other competing city. 
Doha, which sits on the country's eastern coast, attracts tourists and hosts important athletic events. 
With yesterday's announcement, Doha's reputation as one of the most enduring towns in table tennis continues. 
The capital of Qatar has recently established itself as a crucial destination and the starting point for a new age in table tennis after serving as a hotspot for important events for almost three decades.The WTT Middle East Hub successfully hosted back-to-back Contender and Star Contender events in March of last year, which served as the first official World Table Tennis events in 2021. When the World Championship Finals arrive in Doha in 2025, Qatar's dedication to hosting high-profile blockbuster events ensures that more historic memories will be created. 
The final World Championship Finals were held in Houston, USA, in 2021, and more than 500 million spectators watched them on television through more than 200 different countries. 
All eyes will be on Doha to host an event that upholds the ITTF's aim to present entertainment-driven events while keeping the legacy and history of the championships for both players and fans as momentum develops on the international table tennis calendar.The World Championships will be held in Doha for the 59th time. 
The International Table Tennis Federation is celebrating a successful first ITTF Summit by announcing the event will return in 2023 as three days of discussions in Amman, Jordan, come to an end. 
Petra Sörling, president of the ITTF, said, "I want to thank our Jordanian Hosts for such a great Summit. There is so much to take away from our conversations, and I cannot wait to implement many of the ideas presented. 
I can't wait for this event to come back in 2023; we'll tweak our program to engage with our Member Associations even more.

By Ranya Hadji - December 07, 2022

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