13% Increase in Building Permits Issued by Municipalities in September

13% Increase in Building Permits Issued by Municipalities in September By A Robin - October 11, 2022
Doha Buildings

Doha Buildings

Data from the Planning and Statistics Authority showed on Monday that building permits issued by municipalities in the State of Qatar during the month of September reached 884, an increase of 13 percent from the previous month of August, which recorded 784 permits.

Data showed an increase in the number of licenses in all municipalities, most notably in Al Khor 54 percent, Umm Salal 24 percent, Al Doha municipality 25 percent, Al Rayyan 22 percent and Al Shamal municipality seven percent. In return, a decline was recorded Al Sheehaniya municipality (9 percent), Al Wakrah (39 percent) and Al Da'ayen (42 percent).

According to geographical distribution, the municipality of Al Rayyan comes at the top of the municipalities with 250 permits, about 28 percent of all issued permits. The municipality of Al Doha came in second place with 227 permits, i.e. 26 percent, followed by Al Wakrah municipality with 164 permits, i.e.19 percent, then municipality of Al Da'ayen with 116 permits, i.e.13 percent. The rest of the municipalities were as follows: Umm Salal 51 permits (6 percent), Al Khor 40 permits (5 percent), Al Sheehaniya 20 permits (2 percent), and finally Al Shamal 16 permits (2 percent).

In terms of type of permits issued, data indicates that the new building permits (residential and non-residential) constitutes 40 percent (356 permits) of the total building permits issued during the month of September 2022, while the percentage of additions permits constituted 58 percent (512 permits), and finally fencing permits with 2 percent (16 permits).

As for new residential buildings permits data, villas' top the list, accounting for 84 percent (231 permits) of all new residential buildings permits, followed by apartments buildings by 9 percent (25 permits) and dwellings of housing loans permits by 5 percent (13 permits).

Commercial buildings were found to be in the forefront of non-residential buildings permits with 54 percent (44 permits), followed by industrial buildings such as workshops and factories with 20 percent (16 permits) and other non-residential buildings with 15 percent (12 permits).

With regard to building completion certificates issued during the month of September 2022, the total certificates issued by municipalities amounted to 565 certificates, compared to 401 in August, with an increase of 41 percent.

This increase was clearly noted in most of the municipalities: Al Khor (129 percent), Al Shamal (114 percent), Al Doha (100 percent), Al Rayyan (60 percent), Al Da'ayen (29 percent), Al Wakrah (28 percent), Al Sheehaniya (11 percent).

On the other hand, there was a clear decrease in the municipality of Umm Salal (41 percent).

It is worth mentioning that the release of this monthly data comes under the joint cooperation between the Planning and Statistics Authority and the Ministry of Municipality and Environment to make use of the existing electronic link between the two sides.

Building permits and building completion certificates data is of particular importance as it is considered an indicator for the performance of the construction sector which in turn occupies a significant position in the national economy.


By A Robin - October 11, 2022

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