10 Things You Didn’t Know About Uber

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Uber By Daniel Clark - August 16, 2018
10 Things You Didn’t Know About Uber

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Uber

Everyone knows about Uber, it is a well-known company that offers a variety of services. It was first known as UberCab which was founded by Garrett Camp and Travis Kalanick in 2009! If you love food, order it from UberEATS, if you want to take your pets to a party just book an UberPET! Everything is controlled with the Uber app!

Uber operates in more than 500 cities worldwide with over 2 million drivers! While your Uber driver qualifications should be high enough to become an Uber driver. Did you know that only 14% of Uber drivers are female in the United States?

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Drivers Don’t Get Any Discounts :

As an Uber driver, they don’t receive any special treatment or discounts when they are Uber passengers! On the other hand, the company sends drivers discounts for car maintenance, oil changes or any other mechanical upgrades! Lyft, on the other hand, does provide a percentage discount on rides as a passenger if you are also a driver.  This discount varies based on your city.

Uber Babies get Special Onesies:

It is a fact that at least one human has been born in the back seat of an Uber! Yes, you heard right, in March 2018, Zanna Gilbert gave birth to a baby in the back seat of the Uber and her baby received a special branded Uber onesie as a gift. The driver was also rewarded for handling the situation perfectly and paid the driver to clean the car as well!

Some Drivers Rent their Cars and Phones! :

If you want to become an Uber driver but don’t own a car, don’t worry! There are many companies out there from where you can rent a car for a week or so and join the Uber fleet! Moreover, you can even rent a smartphone for only for $10/week!

Commission that Uber takes :

Typically an Uber driver keeps 70% of the fare and returns approximately 30% to the company! This includes a safety flat fee for which the driver does not get back any portion. Uber added the tip feature about 1 year ago so drivers can receive tips through the app just like Lyft. Uber charges are based on the time and distance of the fare.!

Drivers Prefer Working for Lyft :
Drivers prefer to work for Lyft not because they offer a tipping system but because it is less corporate, more communicative and more appreciative! While it can be difficult to get in touch with a human at Uber!  An example is that Uber uses customer service reps in Manila, the Philippines who are very hard to understand while Lyft uses customer service reps right here in the United States, typically from Nashville.

Drivers Give you 5 Stars :

Uber also utilizes a rating system to encourage drivers and passengers to rate each other. They can rate one another on the scale of 1-5 depending upon the services! Drivers will probably rate passengers 5-stars unless they are drunk or behaves rudely to them!

Rating Passengers Matters :

Rating passengers ensure customers better service or faster pick-up time! In fact, Uber drivers who are concerned for their security like women drivers may not accept fares on passengers with ratings below 4.0.  That is because the rating may be due to the passenger having been drunk and belligerent to previous drivers in the past. So clearly drivers want to stay away from this type of passenger, so this type of passenger may have a harder time getting a driver to accept their fare which may also mean that they may get a driver who is much further away does the passenger has to wait much longer to get picked up then other passengers with good ratings.

Passenger Ratings of Uber Drivers Really Matters:

Did you know that an Uber driver whose rating drops below 4.6 can get fired and their account will be deactivated permanently! As a passenger, you should really consider that if you rate a driver below five stars then that rating be credible because otherwise, the driver may not be able to support their family anymore if they get deactivated on the Uber system as an Uber driver.

Acceptance Rate Matters:

If the driver's acceptance rate of passenger fares drops below 80% then it is likely that Uber will give the driver a warning and if the acceptance rate continues to be below 80% then the Uber will deactivate the driver permanently.

Uber Drivers Don’t Know where the Destination is:

Uber drivers aren’t aware where the destination of the fare is until the passenger is picked up! It means a customer can pick a destination that can be far away and the driver won't know this until they pick up the passenger. that is why sometimes drivers will call the passenger to ask them where they're going in order to try to stay near a certain area which they don't want to leave. if the drunk if the driver finds out that you're going outside to specific area then he will cancel the fate without charging you.

By Daniel Clark - August 16, 2018

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