"Safar" Exhibition at the Museum of Islamic Art

"Safar" Exhibition at the Museum of Islamic Art By Ranya - January 02, 2023

The Museum of Islamic Art, in collaboration Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Qatar will present Safar, an exhibition highlighting the experiences of Afghan refugees in Qatar after their evacuation in 2021. Safar highlights the experiences and stories of Afghan refugees through a collection of videos, photographs, and illustrated stories beginning with a look at Afghanistan's history, the importance of its geographical position at the crossroads of ancient trade routes, its wealth and natural resources, as well as being part of the most important and largest empires, and the basis of civilizations since the Bronze Age Videos, stories, and artwork produced by adults and children alike help illustrate this aid, in addition to the cultural support, music, and art provided to help bolster the well-being of the evacuees. The exhibition also addresses the question of what happens next for the evacuees, Afghanistan, and Qatar’s ongoing support. An interactive feedback wall invites visitors to express their thoughts and feelings.
By Ranya - January 02, 2023
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