Research Study: The worst drink for your liver isn't just alcohol

Research Study: The worst drink for your liver isn't just alcohol By Iman Abdalla - June 20, 2022
Drinking Soda Could Damage Your Liver

Drinking Soda Could Damage Your Liver

A new study has revealed that soda could be more damaging to the liver than alcoholic beverages.

It has been found through a study that has been presented at the Nutrition Live 2022 online event that sugary drinks such as Soda could cause the risk of liver cancer. 

The study looked at samples of more than 90 thousand women, who drink sugary drinks in comparison to those who drink them less than 3 times a month. 

The researchers, according to Al Jazeera, found that women after menopause are more prone to getting liver cancer. And if they drink one sugary drink daily, then they have chances to get cancer by 78%.

Dr. Xuehong Zhang, Assistant Professor at the Nutrition Department at Harvard University said: "Our findings suggest sugar-sweetened beverages are a potentially modifiable risk factor for liver cancer".

"If our findings are confirmed, reducing sugar-sweetened beverage consumption might serve as a public health strategy to reduce liver cancer burden," Zhang added.

Dr. Zhang noted that the consumption levels of those who drink sweetened drinks are lesser now than during 2003 and 2018. According to Dr. Zhang, sixty-five percent of Adults said that they consume at least some sweetened drinks a day.

As Dr. Zhang pointed out, the study is not proving that sugary drinks cause liver cancer, it simply shows that there is a link between the two. Still, one should take caution when it comes to the amount of Soda they drink. 

According to, Soda can harm the liver by causing fat acumlation which will cause liver diseases if it is allowed to continue. 

The website said that this is primarly due to refined sugar and high concentration levels of corn. Some studies show that refined sugar could have a negative effect on liver more than alcohol, especially when its given in large quantities.

The fernch La Parisian newspaper website, said that a study revealed for the first time that drinking more than 330 CM or 0.33 of Soda a day causes damage on the liver. 

The website said that the damage of Soda on health was not unkown, but the degree where the quantity of Soda becomes damaging is not clear as doctors were not able to clarify it in the past. 

However, the study that was conducted by the National Institute of Health and Medical Research (Inserm) provided scientific answers that say that a can of soda daily is more than the appropriate size. 

Source: Al Sharq

By Iman Abdalla - June 20, 2022

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