Al Bida Park

Al Bida Park, Qatar is a famous tourist attraction. The park overlooks the Doha sea front. This park features lush green playing areas and heavily shaded corners that provide relief from the scorching heat. 

Al Bida Park, Qatar is an ideal place to enjoy holidays with family and friends. You can enjoy some quiet moments away from the crowds of the city. Numerous food outlets lie in the proximity of Al Bida Park, Qatar. 

So if you are feeling hungry you just cross the Park, Qatar and enjoy your meal at the restaurant that serves your favorite cuisine. Most of the restaurants in the area serve a wide variety of snacks and soft drinks and they don't burn a hole in your pocket.


Al Rumaila Park

The Al-Rumaila Park, Qatar is an extremely famous Qatar attraction which is situated along the famous Corniche. Corniche Bay, Qatar is a seven kilometer long road. The road runs along the coastline of Arabian Gulf. This is a prefect place to walk, cycle and rollerblade along with viewing spectacular views of the surroundings. Al-Rumaila Park, Qatar is the best place to relax and spend some quiet time with your family and friends. The greenery of the park soothes your eyes and also lessens the concentration of pollution. 


The park has tranquil environment, children too like to come to Al-Rumaila Park, Qatar as the park has many popular children rides. In fact the park has become popular because children force their parents to come to the park. Therefore it will not be wrong if we say that Al-Rumaila Park, Qatar is a perfect place for family picnics. Al-Rumaila Park, Qatar is open round the clock.


Aspire Park

A pleasant place to spend some time away from the crowded Doha roads is Aspire Park. Hidden away behind Villagio, it is a surpisingly large and green park, complete with children's play area, football piches, greenery and trees. 

Located at the Aspire Zone, just behind the Villagio Mall, is this sprawling park covering an area of 88 Hectares. It is at present the biggest park in Doha. It has huge lush green lawns, a surprisingly large lake.There is also an overhead fountain or shower fountain that begins on one side of the bridge and flows on the other side and if one walks through the bridge, small drizzles of water fall on you from the fountain(In the pic) . The presence of lake and the green lawns makes it a cool and cozy place for picnics. It also has a hill and children will have a great time running up and down the hill. Another interesting thing to note in the park is the 'Pot' shaped trees, grown scatteredly around the park. You will not find these trees anywhere else in Qatar.