Basic Laws and Regulations in Qatar


Qatar is relatively a painless nation, with low incidence of crime. However, it's higher to bear in mind that there's the threat from terrorist act that's otherwise seen within the region.

There are occasional verbal and physical harassment against expatriate men, or unaccompanied expatriate girls. Reports of petty thievery aren't terribly frequent, but, travellers ar cautioned to not leave valuables like money, jewellery, and electronic things in unsecured building rooms or unattended public places.

Purchase of counterfeit and pirated merchandise aren't allowed, though they're wide on the market.


There is a robust police presence in Qatar, and incidents of violence or crime ar largely restricted to aras that are heavily inhabited by menial employee expat population. the most important criminal offence that expats face here is that the encounter within the type of counterfeit and pirated merchandise, foreign in giant quantities from South-East Asia.

If associate degree expatriate becomes the victim of against the law abroad, native police or nearest embassy or diplomatic building are often contacted. Criminal offenses ar vulnerable to severe social control in keeping with Qatari laws, and in most cases, they're additional severe than in home countries.

If any native laws in Qatar ar desecrated, nothing will forestall associate degree arrest or prosecution. Hence, it's vital to grasp what's legal and what's not, where you go.

For any emergency help, contact Qatari Police by dialling 999 from any phonephone in Qatar.