Basic Laws and Regulations in Qatar

Identity Card

All permanent residents in Qatar ought to carry associate degree positive identification with them in keeping with Qatari law. The ID card is needed for all dealings with Government ministries on day to day. associate degree ID card is usually needed for registration at clubs, bank accounts, schools, nurseries then on. The ID card isn't needed for youngsters below eighteen years archaic.


Dual position

Qatari law doesn't settle for twin position. The law mandates that Qatari nationals ought to solely hold Qatari citizenship, and enter and exit on a Qatari passport. If the Qatari authorities get to grasp that you just hold twin position, then you will have to be compelled to renounce one among your citizenships now. Hence, twin position voters ought to take this seriously into thought before move to Qatar.

Traffic Laws

Short-term guests can have to be compelled to get a legitimate international driving allow, before their arrival in Qatar, and may not drive mistreatment their home country driver’s license. New and prospective residents ought to get their permanent Qatari driver's license now on arrival. short guests and business travellers even have the choice to get Temporary Qatari driver's license, on presenting their home country license at any Qatar Traffic Police branch.

Drivers ought to avoid arguments on roads over traffic incidents, notably with Qatari nationals. Drivers are often command chargeable for injuries caused to a different person concerned during a conveyance accident, and there are instances once native police detained expats long till the extent of injuries to alternative person is thought.

Any automobile that's over 5 years recent can't be foreign to the country. For any info and policies concerning driver’s allow, road tax, vehicle examination and necessary insurance, contact the Qatar Embassy.

Further, Qatar adopts policy against drinking and driving. Offenders are going to be detained, punished and prohibited from driving.

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