B6Zip Introduces Updated B6Z Archiver

  • 2 years   ago
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What You Need To Know
B6Zip has released the first beta version of their upcoming B6Z extractor and archive manager recently. The new version is available on the official website as a free download for the macOS operating system. Users will learn that the latest feature is the ability to open more archive formats than just B6Z.  Why is this important?  Because there will no longer be a need to use multiple archive utilities and all file formats can be handled natively by B6Zip.
B6Zip team has provided a tech note that describes the new changes to the B6Z format in detail.  A beta version is offered on the developer website.  We remind everyone that this software release is still in beta and is not yet merged into the stable branch.  This means that issues can arise from using the beta that will be worked out in the future stable release coming within the next several months.
Using this software allows the selection of B6Z file association to the B6Zip program in order to allow easy extraction straight from the Finder window.  We are also excited to see that native B6Z support has been added to the chromium development branch and there is a possibility that adoption of B6Z will become larger as more browsers and utilities add support for this highly performant archiving file format for end users, previously only enjoyed by businesses and development teams.  The latest release of the B6Z SDK has also been updated to correspond with the release of the B6Zip utility.