Some Lesser Known Health Benefits Of Car Window Tinting

  • 3 years   ago

Do you think tinting car windows is just for giving it a sporty and customized look? Here are a few things that will make you realize why car window tinting is not an option, but a necessity.


You might have heard a lot of reasons for getting your car window tinted. These include enhanced privacy, safety against shattering of the glass and improved aesthetics. But there are other reasons too that makes professional window tinting a must, these are: 

Release of Toxic gasses from the interiors of the car

According to experts, interiors of a car releases toxic chemicals. These chemicals are released because of an effect called ‘off-gassing’. These chemicals are the ones that are responsible for the ‘new car smell’. The release of this chemical is at its maximum when the car is new and decreases over time. It reaches its peak when the sunlight falls on the interiors of the vehicle. This speeds up the process of off-gassing. 

Although the list of these chemicals is long, vinyl and formaldehyde are the two of the prime culprits. These make you feel nauseated and cause headaches that you might never imagine from where you got them. 

To prevent the building up of these chemicals in your car, you should keep the window slightly open in the summer. Also, you must use a UV-resistant window tint, this will greatly reduce the off-gassing process.

To protect your skin from harmful UV rays

As the sunlight comes near the Earth, many of the harmful radiations get deflected towards the poles. The others are absorbed by the gasses upon entering the upper layer of the atmosphere. The radiations that manage to hit the earth’s surface ranges from the wavelength of 290 NM to 2500 NM.

The UV rays which has the wavelength of 290 NM to 400NM, because of the high energy that it carries is dangerous to our skin. It is not only responsible for causing damage to the eye and cause sunburns, but also for causing diseases like the skin cancer. According to official data, more than 4 million cases of skin cancer are diagnosed annually in the US alone.

There are window tints available that can block the incoming UV rays up to 99%. Installing these is the most inexpensive way to prevent these problems from happening to you.

Disadvantages of using Air-conditioners

On a summer day, the temperature during the daytime can soar really high and you will need to turn on the AC of your car. When you turn on the AC, the power that  AC consumes is generated by the engine of the car only and hence the mileage of your car is greatly reduced.

It is found through studies that an AC typically reduces the car’s mileage by 10 to 15%. Also, for getting this extra power, fuel is burned that causes the emission of toxic and greenhouse gasses (Carbon dioxide by 4.9 g per km and Nitrous oxide by 9.9 g per km). 

We all know that an AC works on gasses like chlorofluorocarbons, which is responsible for the depletion of the ozone layer in the atmosphere. These gasses are injurious to health too if inhaled.


The above points are some of the health benefits that something as little as car window tinting can ensure. Whether it is your new car or not, window tinting has way more advantages as compared to the cost of it. It is important to get the tinting done professionally. You would obviously not like it if the badly tinted windows spoil the looks of your car!