Hardwood Flooring – Factors to Consider Before Going for It

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Interiors are important for any structure – office, residence, public place or any other. The significance factor multiplies if it is your home, for as the phrase goes – ‘Home is where the heart is’. Interiors can refer to a lot of aspects. It can be the aesthetics including the lighting, the walls, the wall art, wall hangings and so on. There is however, one aspect that forms the ‘base’ for all of this – The flooring. When you think about flooring, there can be lot of options that one can consider. Should it be wood, tiles or marble? If wood, should it be laminate, oak, maple or Hardwood? What would be the right channel to get it done? What are the factors to be considered while deciding on one of these options? The list of questions will grow as you start digging deeper. Read on, for some of the tips and tricks while trying one of the flooring types – Hardwood flooring.

Why Hardwood?

As a Home owner, when considering the flooring, some of the factors that strike as important to you, would be the durability of the product used, the finish, the maintenance, price and lastly and importantly, the looks! Hardwood will not disappoint you in any of these factors. The Hardwood flooring gives you the much needed durability, with a rich look, it is quick to lay Hardwood on the floor and on damage or stains, and this can be re-done, restoring the clean and rich look.

Going forward

The next step would be to understand the different styles and types of Hardwood floors. This will help you gauge which one suits your requirement the best. When you think of going for Hardwood flooring, it will be good to segregate areas of the house into dry, moisture prone and wet areas. For instance, areas like the living room, family room and the bedrooms can be considered the dry areas. The kitchen, cooler room, storage room, the basement can be put into the category of moisture prone areas and lastly the laundry room and the bathroom as wet areas.

The segregation of your house into these areas becomes important as this will help you pick the right style and type of hardwood flooring depending on the area that you intend to get the flooring done for. For instance, if you go for a basic Hardwood floor, chances are that the occasional leaking of water from the dishwasher may lead to reducing the gumminess of the glue, leading to the sheet popping up from the floor. This would in turn lead to dust particles and other particles settling in these gaps and also may hurt your feet as you move around in the kitchen. This situation is bound to happen with any wood flooring that you decide to go for, in the kitchen.

To avoid this situation, it is important that you choose the hardwood type, wisely, to ensure that it is long lasting and low maintenance as well.