Know the Misconceptions between Manga and Anime

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Know the Misconceptions between Manga and Anime

Many of us don’t really know the exact difference between manga and Anime and often misinterpret both of them. The difference that most people will say that manga is Japanese comic and anime is the Japan’s versions of animation. Well this is not exactly what the truth is. Anime is generally but most of the time not always is the animated version of manga. Remember that in Japan anime technically means any animated movie, and manga is a printed version of cartoon. People around the world think that they are the animated comics and films from Japan which is wrong.

So here we break the misconceptions that people think are true but are completely wrong. Here is the breakdown:

Most of the outsiders (readers of other countries) think that Japanese stole the comics from the West which is absolutely wrong belief. Japanese have been creating cartoons and art works from a very long time. You can find many examples of comical ink drawings of caricatured people, animal from centuries ago, bearing unbelievable resemblances to manga comic. It is true that some of the aspects of manga are influenced from the WEST like Osamu Tezuka who is known to be the father of modern manga was inspired by Max Fleisher and Disney but the main features of manga like its simple lines and style features are uniquely Japanese in every sense. Though many fine works of manga and anime is created around the world but as far as we talk about the roots of anime and manga they still lies in Japan and it is considered as the center of anime world.

The beauty of manga and anime is that they cater to a very large category or genre not like U.S. where it is still believed that comics are for kids only though this thinking is changing nowadays. The manga comics are written for every age group like innocent young children to pervert sex-hungary men. Another shocking fact about the manga comic in Japan is that they are not simple minded and that they depict death sometimes unlike American comics which run away from such realities. There have been many examples when many of the U.S. version of famous series like GoLion deleted references of death of the protagonist. 

The work ethics is also one aspect that seems omnipresent in background in manga comic. Much of the manga and anime have scenes that depict students doing homework in class or people are working in their offices. This aspect of the manga and anime seem to be quite different from what the writers around the world depicts through their art work in comics. The uniqueness of manga makes them loved by the readers world over. 

The style of manga and anime is very distinctive and is easily recognizable. Each manga writers technique is distinct and unique. This makes them create a attraction for readers who are looking for something fresh and unique. Manga and anime are popular because their distinct style and uniqueness are their main selling propositions.